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Work-at-home Scams

Please read what others have experienced by working with Utah Consumer Advocate.

Thanks Jon, Having found your company by a simple Google search I am very pleased that I followed through on it. The deciding factor was your “no win-no fee” policy. Quiet honestly I was in no position to spend thousands more with no certainty of any return.  I most certainly appreciated the caring but professional way you guided me through the pursuit of my refund. I have no doubt that your knowledge of this company and of who to contact within their organization was the reason I was able to obtain any refund at all.  If anyone has been unfortunate enough to have put themselves in the position I found myself in do yourself a favor, contact Jon at Utah Consumer Advocate. If anyone can get a refund for you I am sure he can.  Glenda D.

THANK YOU!!!!Jon was a pleasure to work with and a great help to me. He was great at keeping track of everything and keeping “the ball rolling” when I thought the company was giving me the brush off. I highly recommend Jon to anyone who is being scammed. I will definitely keep Utah Consumer Advocate on my favorites list. Hopefully, I don’t fall for a scam again and need Jon, but should it happen I know who to call first. Thanks again.  Ray T.

If you are one of the hundreds of people who feel you have been scammed by one company or another, don’t hesitate for one minute to call Jon at Utah Consumer Advocate to get some badly needed help. I’m soo thankful I found them when I did, and can’t thank them enough for helping me recover $10,000 out of $14,000 I had so cunningly been talked into investing by two companies. I had almost given up hope of recovering any of my loss after almost a year. What a relief to have this nightmare over! With Jon and UCA, it’s a win-win situation. They don’t collect any money until you get your refund. Many thanks.  Pat M.

The best decision I have made in OVER A YEAR was contacting Utah Consumer Advocate for help in obtaining the thousands of dollars that were basically stolen from us when we (with good intentions) became a part of these scam companies. I dealt with Jon who became like a “friend” who I felt was genuinely interested in and concerned about our plight. He gave me some excellent ideas for approaches to obtain our refunds. I had tried for months on my own, basically being laughed at and patronized by the people at these companies.  Thanks to Jon at UTAH CONSUMER ADVOCATE and his excellent recommendations and great moral support, in less than ONE MONTH, I received a FULL REFUND from one company and over 80% from another!! It is such a relief to put this entire NIGHTMARE behind us!!! Mary P.