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FTC targets internet scams, work-at-home schemes, and coaching companies

The Federal Trade Commission today announced “Operation Empty Promises” which targets internet scams and coaching companies.  One company in particular that has been a top priority for the last two years for the FTC has been Ivy Capital.  This coaching company is based in Nevada, but has offices in California, Nevada and Utah.  The announcement came via a webinar from Washington DC this morning advising the media that an ongoing investigation and crackdown into the scams and rip offs taking place by fraudsters attempting to lure financially distressed consumers into putting large sums of money down on credit cards and then come to find out later that the sale presentation was full of empty promises.  An individual that invested $12,000 into Ivy Capital scam actually explained his experience over the phone live on this FTC webinar.

If you have invested into this Ivy Capital scam, please contact me so that I can provide you the contact information to get a refund.  I also have a copy of the actual FTC complaint against Ivy Capital if you are interested.

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  1. Karla Williams March 9, 2012 at 8:27 am #

    Online Essentials is a scam. They charge you large amounts of money and then only half way to what they were paid to do or they do nothing at all. They are a big rip off.

  2. Leanne Thibeault March 15, 2011 at 10:43 pm #

    I was enrolled in a internet program for work at home moms by Catherine Thomos to post links on the internet. They are affiliated some how with Fortune Learning Systems as they stated that is how they go my phone number and contacted me and smooth talked me in to their business which has put me in debt for close to 10,000. Just today I received an e-mail from “news 1 report state-wide job scams and advertising the same online work at home moms interveiwed by Shannon Fitzarald-
    So the same company is still out there scamming new people in to the business. I wish it would be more publizied that this is still going on and make people more aware of what is happening — More news coverage to expose these crooks????. I pray that Ivy Capital is shut down for good!!!

    • Cynthia Miller March 21, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

      They are related. Some e-mails came from England, and most from Las Vegas. That’s the one that got me from a pop up on Publishers Clearing House. I kept deleting it until one day I decided to read it. They had several steps before they got to posting links. Getting a free website in which they you into getting the pro with 10 websites to make more money. Then “Instant Customers” to get your websites listed on 200+ search engines, and then to signing up for the one on one help. I did not sign up for the “one on one” and my number is on the on call list. I got called by Fortune Learning Systems and I fell for it. My coach called from Utah. I should have known better.
      And yes I have seen the adds again. They stopped for a short time after FLS was shut down, but now they are back with the same add and pictures of google on main story. I also got the same e-mail advertising the same scam I think before they were shut down.
      I hope they get shut down also.

  3. Leslie Waggoner March 14, 2011 at 6:35 pm #

    I am in debt to my credit cards over $21,000.00. ICI Success, Ivy Capital, Fortune Learning Systems, Business Development Division aka Nevada Corporate Division, Wholesale Match.com and My Essential Plans. I started my endeavor with these companies on November 3, 2010 and a week and a half ago when I was just about ready to have my website built, they were shut down. I had just paid for them to build my website on February 3, 2011. I want a full refund for all the funds they cost me. These funds are not including the Duns and Bradstreet number fee, the filing the LLC with the Secretary of State, the opening of my checking account, the having to install a company phone line and pay a business phone bill as well as other costs that I incurred. Please help me and all of the others that have been scammed by these creeps. I am a Christian and this is such a disappointment to me that there are really people out there that would do this.

    • Jason March 21, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

      Sorry to hear about your problems. Unfortunately, Fortune Learning Systems, who I taught for, was a part of your hopeful goals to success. It is frustrating to know the clients I was helping build an online business were promised things that were nearly impossible to obtain by the company that offered leads to us. I was always upfront making sure my clients knew that with hard work, they can see success. Realistic success.
      I am also a Christian, and do not like to be categorized as being a part of a scam. I tried very hard to help my clients. It is frustrating to do everything I could to help people learn what they need to do to be successful online, and then have the majority never do anything at all. Each week I would make a phone call, and must unfortunately say around 85% of them hadn’t even started doing anything at all. We offered a curriculum website where a simple username and password were required to log in, and often times even 4 WEEKS into the program, clients were asking what the password was. These are the clients that call Fortune Learning Systems a scam. They do ABSOLUTELY nothing, and blame everyone else for their problems. I truly feel bad for those who were honestly working hard. Hopefully they will continue.

    • Jenny April 1, 2011 at 8:18 am #

      Yes, Online Essentials is another big pile of scammers. We recently had our credit cards charges with another series of unauthorized charges all for other sister companies that we’ve never even heard of, and we are now forced to go through the endless appeals to have these charges revolked. Everyone BEWARE, that once these companies get ahold of your number, you are pretty much screwed. Best advise is to CANCEL your card (s) before they hit you up again!
      Jenny F.