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PMI – Professional Marketing International Complaints

  • scam March 6, 2015

    they promised a lot but did not deliver

  • Professional Marketing Int’l Scam January 19, 2015 needrefund

    I purchased Dave Espino’s Auctions for Income for $54.90 10/15/2008 but I did not have a chance to look at the materials until the fall of 2009. Soon after I contacted their success team I received a call from Professional Marketing International. The sales representatives (Joe Ackley and James Wall) told me that if I purchase PMI product their experienced success team will help me accelerate the process so that the Internet based business will be successful in no time and the invested money will be easily collected by the end of year of 2009. I ended up purchasing the products for $8,395 on 9/24/2009. Promised website was built and became live on 11/21/2009 (after I spent many hours to make the website functional) but there have been very few traffic and there was no sale as of 2/14/2010. When I contacted PMI advisory line and My ebiz to express my concerns,they only told me that it would take at least 6 months to 12 months to have a website to be just recognized by search engines. Of course, no one told me that when they were trying to sell these products & services. I would NOT have purchased their products if I was informed this fact ahead of time. The sales representatives assured the immediate success and that is why I agreed to purchase their products. The business did not grow and incurred many expenses such as website maintenance fees, advertisement fees, and many other expenses.

    There is another big issue I would like to address. The PMI shares personal information with their affiliated companies which are ready to victimize the people who purchased their products. There are many other services they offer and each service costs roughly $4,000 to start with and other recurring fees to follow. These service representatives are very well trained (like PMI sales representatives) and try to make you believe their services are essential for a newly started business. I never owned a business before so I accepted the Tax Club offer for $4,785 on 10/06/2009. There will be $49.95 recurring fee every month thereafter. I actually canceled it within 24 hours thinking it was way too expensive but the sales person called me back and persuaded me again by telling me the importance of having their product in order to avoid risks that come with being a small business owner. I received several phone calls from affiliated companies such as All Access Books (record keeping service), Business plan (Credit Solutions) and other services. And again, each service sales representative tried to persuade me to get their services with thousands of dollars. I spent so many hours just trying to make them stop calling me instead of actually working on my business. I believe many people actually do fall into their smooth talks and ended up in huge debts even before starting a business.

    These companies’ sales practices are deceptive and dishonest. Their verbal promises of immediate success are total lies. It is a Fraud. They first ask individuals’ credit line limit to determine their package prices and do not even provide breakdowns of what they pay for. They share personal information to other business partners trying to get as much money as possible from an individual.

    I contacted PMI for the full refund on 2/27/2010 but they only offer an extended training.
    After I contacted MI attorney general in the fall of 2010, the PMI offered me $2,034 refund compared to the $8,395 investment I made. I could not accept that. In their reply, they stated that they explained their product in detail as well as the associated risks. It is a false statement. They did not explain any risks at all or in writing.
    PMI also added that should I accept their refund, I would have to sign away my right to free speech by agreeing to a ‘Non Disparagement’ clause. This clause essentially states that I may not disclose my experience with PMI with any party, including the media, Internet rating sites, chat boards, or any other medium that may injure PMI’s reputation.

    Again, their advertising, marketing, and selling their services are misleading and deceiving. I hope their fraudulent business practices will be banned by authorities as soon as possible before more people get victimized.

  • PMI Inner Circle Real Estate Training, Lehi UT January 15, 2015 Jon

    In Oct 2013 I paid $15,000 for PMI, Inner Circle “Advanced” Training. This was after a Dean Graziosi $1995 3 day real estate training. I was told the “Inner Circle” training was the necessary next step to take to get the one on one mentoring and resources needed to make $ in real estate.

    I didn’t receive more than half of the resources/training material I was promised, the Utah training was elementary, and mentoring was terrible. My mentor’s had done ZERO deals in my area and didn’t know basics like hard-money lending. One even said I didn’t need his help anymore, when I had still made zero $ on zero deals. Insulting. And he referred me to ANOTHER student of his, who has ripped me off in a failed real estate deal in Lake Tahoe for another $21,000. PLEASE help me recover some $, I truly need it! Thanks, Jonathan 310.980.9496


    My fiancee and I attended Real Estate seminars under the Scott Yancey brand and it wasn’t until we had spent over $13,000 and did some research online that we realized how they were scamming people! We have not heard back from them ever since we paid an additional few thousand dollars for additional training online and phone mentoring! What they label as “education” is just a series of seminars, each with a little bit of info just to tease you, but mostly they are upselling you and telling you that if you don’t get additional training you won’t be as successful as if you did!


    We spent approximately $13,000 before we realized that this was a real estate scam.
    It was exactly like in your review. Hindsignt is 20/20 they say, but especially in this case. Everything about these seminars is shady and after doing extensive research because they weren’t following through with their claims, we realized how many people this had affected and how many have been scammed by thise seminars. Too much to write here, but when you look up Yancey Fraud on google, there are 144,000 results! After we paid all this money, we haven’t heard from them again!

  • Yancey Real Estate scam September 14, 2014

    My wife and I went to the introductory 3-hour lecture yesterday and based on what they showed us, we were very impressed. We ended up handing them our credit card for both the real estate flipping 3-day seminar which cost $1,997 and the tax lien program which cost $997 (however they were willing to take half of this payment for $500 with the other half due in 90 days) for a grand credit card total of $2,497. When we got home, I went to the tax lien web site using the key code that they provided me and to my surprise, it was nothing like what they showed us in the presentation we saw just a couple of hours earlier. Also, the $100 gift card wasn’t what I expected. You have to invest your own money to use a little bit of the gift card. For instance, you can buy a $100 gift card at Chili’ s restaurant for $90 plus $10 from the gift card. You still have $90 left to spend on the gift card. Also, the free cameras look like cheap throw-aways. These things put up red flags for me so I went to the web site to look for reviews about the Yancy real estate program (which is what I should have done BEFORE I went to the presentation) and found numerous complaints from people who had been scammed from these people. Then I looked at my contract and it appears that I can get my money back if I change my mind within three business days. Since it is now Sunday and I know that they are closed, I can’t do anything about this today but first thing tomorrow, I will call the number on the contract and cancel. I don’t know if they will put up a fight to change my mind on this but I expect them to. These people are slick and it appears they’ve been scamming people for a long time so they have all the right answers down pat. Since we did sign a contract that clearly says we can back out and get our money back, I hope this mistake we made will go away quickly.

  • PMI Training not Honoring Money Back Guarantee September 7, 2014 Jennifer

    I originally attended a free event for Dean Graziosi’s Real Estate seminar, 2/20/2013. During the free event, they talked about learning the real estate business from a whole new angle to be financially free and build long term wealth. This required signing up for the 3-day seminar for $3000. Being a single mom, I could not attend a weekend event, but was interested in the program. I signed up for the service and was told that discs would arrive to help me. Within my 3 day cancellation period, I did call and cancelled my purchase. No discs were sent or had to be mailed back.
    The following week, 2/27, I received a call from Jason Labron of PMI, a training company for Dean. It was explained that I would not have to attend the 3-day seminar in a hotel, but that they would train me from home to completely understand the system and start making money. I didn’t commit on the first call. He asked if he could call me after I had some time to think about it. I agreed.
    PMI has not held up their side of our deal. I was very hesitant to sign anything with them and I was strongly encouraged. I signed up on 3/5 and then 4 days later called in to cancel my training program. I had 7 days to quit for a full money refund. On that 4th day I was coaxed into a guarantee they made “special” for me, signed on 3/14/13. Financial claims were stated many times as well as telling me that I would only need 10 hours per week. They said a typical deal could be worth up to $10K or $20K, but that we would work on smaller properties that would range from $5000 to $7000 until I got more comfortable. That was all to be my profit. I was supposed to have goals set for my specific financial needs. They explained that they would leverage my credit card for 30 days and I would be closing my first deal inside those 30 days to pay off my credit card. I was told they would hold my hand through not just one deal, but 5 deals, so that I was well trained to be able to do this on my own. Many times they referred to their program as a school that would not send you into the world not making money like most colleges. Not knowing any information about this real estate side, the guarantee to help me make 12 viable deals and still guarantee me my $6000 if I hadn’t made that money back sounded safe.
    Phase One was to have one on one coaching sessions weekly. The first phase was to last 6 months. There is no mention to how many sessions I was to have. I worked weekly with a trainer to locate deals, work with agents and investors. Each week we discussed what the next step was to be leading to negotiating a real estate deal to put a property under contract and completing a deal to make a profit. I learned how to find investors, went out to look at several properties, but when it came time to learn how to make the offer to place the property under contract, I was told this was to be our last call. That I would have to call in and be guided by the help line. I did call in once to be taught the next step and I was told that I had to have everything ready to go and they could walk me through the paperwork. I still didn’t know how to get to the paperwork or what that entailed. I was sent to some Google searches, but was so confused that I didn’t know what else to do. Another portion of what I learned was to make signs and post them around town to attract people wanting to sell their homes. I was not comfortable with this at all. I was told that the signs are not allowed by most cities and I should put them up late on Fridays and pick them up on Sundays to avoid fines. Also to this practice, I would be meeting with homeowners in their homes to make them offers. They said most of these people could be facing foreclosure, so I would be helping them, but I felt that many would be upset by their stress and situation. I am a single mother and the idea of going into someone’s house, that I don’t know, does not sound safe or smart. I attended all sessions that were set up. There was one week that the trainer didn’t call me. He said the following week that he was sick, but I was not called previously to re-schedule. Again, I was never told how many sessions, just that it was to be weekly calls for 6 months.

    Phase Two in my guarantee was to begin after six months. This was just the ability to go online and use the training module for refresher. I could also call the help desk as needed to assist. But like I said before in Phase One, I wasn’t taught how to complete the process, so when I called for guidance, they sent me to more websites. This is where I felt dropped.
    Additionally, I was contacted by Veil Corporate, a partner of PMI to start an LLC. I was told this would keep me safe through the deals legally and financially. I had to have this LLC in place before my first deal was to be made and of course there was a time limit to when I got it started. They bullied me into believing that I needed this corporation to keep me safe, I had to sign up before the end of the week or the price was double. In addition to that $1500, there was an account maintenance fee of $34 monthly. I have since found out that the corporation did NOTHING for me and that if I had completed a deal in California, where I live and was looking for deals, since this was a Utah LLC, I would have had enormous tax fines from the IRS.
    There is a lot of legal information to be safe in these deals and not get stuck financially and they just can’t teach that in 8-30 min phone sessions. I was taught all of the steps just before placing a property under contract, which means I personally place offers on real estate. I was not trained how to offer the properties to an investor and complete the contract to make the profit. I spoke to Adam on 4/16/14 and he did offer additional sessions to get me going again, but again no mention that it was only 3. So again, on that last call, I was informed that this was our last call. The trainer, this time, Roy Voeks, told me to email him questions and he would guide me. He told that I am so close that he knew I could do this. The next day, 5/16, I sent him an email full of questions. No response. I sent it again on 5/17 and still no response back. How am I supposed to move forward and close a deal if I don’t know how. I have since closed the LLC as it was not needed and was a waste of money. I couldn’t re-coup that. I was not able to complete the PMI guarantee as I did not complete the 3rd requirement, making 12 viable deals. Now in hindsight, 12 deals was a lot since I didn’t know how to make one.
    I am requesting that BBB keep me and others safe in this situation. PMI didn’t hold up their side of the deal. They have a lot of paperwork to show that I made this decision and yes I did sign up for an education. But I feel I have tried to my best ability to make this work and have not been given the proper tools to complete this education. As I told Adam, I was willing to take further education to learn how to complete a deal and pay for that education, provided they train me how to make that money back. I am seeking a full refund, as they did not provide me with enough information to execute a single deal to make a profit.

  • Scott & Amy Yancey & Dean Graziosi SCAM May 7, 2014 Tammy

    This is not just PMI. THE ADVERSTISEMENT STARTS WITH EDUCATION WOULD BE PROVIDED BY SCOTT and AMY YANCEY. WHICH EVENTUALLY ROLLS INTO INVESTING ADDITIONAL EDUCATION THROUGH THE PMI DEPARTMENT, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME COMPANY, THEY JUST GIVE SUCH LIMITED CONTACT INFORMATION THAT YOU DON’T REALIZE THAT THEY ARE ALL ENTERTWINED. THEY STATE THEY WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO BUY AND SELL WITH NO MONEY DOWN. YOU ARE LURED IN WITH MISREPRESENTATION. The advertisement states you attend a 4 hour meeting for FREE, and they would teach you how to buy, flip, rehab properties with none of your own money down. My husband and I attended this FREE seminar on 12/29/2013 at the Double Tree Hotel in Sacramento, Ca. with approximately 200 hundred people that attended. They never give you the info at this meeting as promised in the infomercial, but advise you to sign up for a $1997.00 seminar and guaranteed you would receive all the info you will need. They also sell you a package to buy tax lien deed for an additional $997.00, they say it is a must have to help supplement your cash income flow while setting up the RE investment business. You were pressured, strongly advised to sign up immediately to get these “Bargains”. They are very convincing, needless to say, so we signed up for them. Total paid $2994. We attended the 3 day training, 8 hours each day on January 3,4 & 5, 2014 and there was no sign of any of this education coming from Scott and Amy Yancey just their picture poster. On day one the trainer Brock Madsen tells the class with at least 25 students in the class that we need to complete this income and asset form, in order for he and his team to evaluate the best way to help each of us as individuals. There were 3 additional people that were part of Brocks team that would be mentors through out the 3 days, we were matched with Gina Bowles. We received a work book which Brock went through only what he thought was necessary for us to know for this 3 day training (very convincing sales pitch). On day two we sat with our mentor Gina she was fully aware that we were both unemployed (I had just gotten laid off my job and my husband was retired with no income)that we only had a small amount of savings, and NO credit card debt with FICO scores in the mid 700’s, no retirement, they coached us to request credit increase balances, obtain new cards. They are REALLY GOOD, amazingly our mentor Gina had entered this program in the same situation as we were in and well on to wealth soon after she signed on. On day 3, that is when the FALSE compassion and caring got turned up. Gina kept telling me that I had to do this, it was my time and I needed to pull my husband around, she knew he was leery due to previous one on one talks with her. She was so convincing, like she really understood our situation. We had to invest more, get deeper into this program. In the last few hours left on day 3, Brock gave the class an assignment. The assignment was to utilize the information that was provided over the last 3 days and calculate what sales amount you come up with on a house found that needed to be rehabilitated, the numbers included closing cost, title fees, etc. It had to be for much less that the value after repairs, the class had 10 minutes to work the numbers, because we should be able to do it easily in 6 minutes. What I believe 97% of the class discovered is that we could not figure it out, thus we have to buy into the next phase of the program to further our training in order to succeed in this RE investing venture. Brock had just proven his point to the entire class that we HAD to invest more to be successful. From there he rolled right into the plans that they were being offered. There are 3 plans, retail pricing from $26,000 to $60,000, however “today and today only” the prices being offered were $18,997. to $39,997. OMG!! so many of us jumped up and all scurried to pull out credit cards, check books to buy up. A comment was made buy one of the staff members processing the purchases “this is the most sales they have had in along time. Mind you the reason for this additional education was to accelerate our education and success. We again invested an additional $24,997. Brock made sure that those of us that purchased additional training would have his contact information (email address) along with our mentors information, they were there for us any time for any questions. I had emailed Brock for information and never received a response, when emailing our mentor Gina, I was directed to contact the advice line. (????) Oh and lets not forget the additional $495. to the Veil Corporation for Asset Protection. Which at the buying summit we purchased an additional services for $6,000. more. UGH!!!!
    “ANOTHER MUST HAVE DEAL OF THE DAY”. This provided a single entity setup (LLC Utah), state filing fees, 1 year agent fees, EIN, Articles of Organization. Which we now have, we are not sure what to do with it now. By buying the Yancey upgraded education program ($24,997.) included another 3 day training aka “BOOTS ON THE GROUND”, the instructor for this Joe Jurek, which we received yet another work book, similar to the one received in the Brock Madsen work shop, however Joe touched on the subjects that Brock did not. The $24,997. education program included a paid trip to the 3 day Edge Buying Summit in Las Vegas, NV Which Brock Madsen and Gina Bowles stated “once you get to the buying summit everything will fall into place, we will be fine”. Once my husband and I got home we started working the program based on what we learned, utilizing the work books, which we discovered were redundant, just formatted slightly different. We ordered business cards under our new business name. “ANOTHER MUST HAVE BEFORE YOU GO TO THE SUMMIT” We signed up for the Feb 13-15 Buying Summit. On February 3, 2014 We received a call from a Peter Ackerman with PMI Inner Circle offering us yet another upgrade of education, this would definitely accelerate our ability to start making money within the next 3 months, we would get 20 interactive on demand lessons, weekly one on one, hand on training advise with trained experienced mentor who will help us to build a business plan, unlimited advisory line help, phone seminars, PMI RE toolbar, investor pipeline, for sale by owner bargins and a trip to Utah for an Inner Circle Camp for 2 days and the 3rd day we can choose to go on a Wasatch Mountain Tour or a Family History Tour or a Golf Tour. All this for an additional $18,925. We explained to Peter that we really could not afford to buy into any more training, we had just about maxed out all our credit cards and were living off of a small saving account along with unemployment due to me being laid off my job. Peter then said “you can get a full refund if you are not completely satisfied”. We asked Peter to verify what he had just said and he did in fact re-state “you can get a full refund if you are not completely satisfied”. That right there was what helped us to make the decision to go ahead and invest even more. We had been told through this entire process that if we worked the program based off all the information provided from the beginning to now we would succeed in making money in a very short amount of time. So we gathered up two more credit cards and invested $18,925. more. Peter then put another person Trevor (supervisor???) on the line and he basically went through the same info that Peter had said, Trevor then brought a woman on the line who then took our credit card information. On March 25, we sent an email to Mr. Kent North, VP of Training, Inner Circle, stating we were not happy with the services, the on demand lessons are the same information we received in the two work books giving to us in the previous training, we already had access to the advisory line when we purchased the $24,997. package this just extended it by 6 months, the phone seminar’s are the same information in the work books and the same information given by Brock Madsen and Joe Jurek. Forget the toolbar this is a joke, the investor pipeline, is pretty much the same info of a CD we received in the $24,997 package, the FSBO Bargain is not a bargain, pure garbage. The one on one weekly phone call with our mentor Matt Walton was not any kind of training, we would tell him all that we were doing, advertising for cash buyers, private money lenders, working with realtor, looking for rehab homes and Matts response was always the same “you are doing awesome, I am so proud of you both” then he would try to get off the phone within 5 to 8 minutes, we had to stop him from hanging up just so we could get his input which was mostly keeping doing the on line lessons and phone seminar, which the phone seminars were constantly being canceled or change in time, there only two times available, morning or evening. We did not receive any response from Kent North at all so on April 11, 2014 we sent another email to Mr. North and the next day we received a message from a Thayne and we returned his call, he liked to call us at 9 to 10 p.m. our time. We finally connected with him and explained our dissatisfaction with the PMI training, he pretty much told us that we were past the refund date. we asked him what that meant due to Peter telling us that we could get a refund at any time. Thayne said that we had 7 days to cancel, we told him we had nothing in writing and the only reason we signed up was due to peters statement regarding the refund. Thayne then told us he could give us $9,000. back which was the cost for the trip to Utah seminar, we told him we were not happy with that and would have to think on it, Thayne told us to continue working the lessons and working with our mentor Matt, that is when we informed him that after the first email sent to Kent we had not received any calls from Matt, he stated that we should be still receiving them, we ended the call there. After a while we called Thayne back we kept getting connected to the advise line when asking for Thayne they would ask Thayne who?, we had no idea what his last name was and when we asked for him last name we were automatically connected to his voice mail. I finally found his last name through multiple Google search’s. Thayne Gooch. We finally connected with Thayne on Friday May 2, and he is not willing to give anymore than the $9,000 and to top it off he wants to credit it back to our credit card the problem with this that we have drained all our saving, just trying to keep up with our credit card payments, rent and utility bills, our gross income is $1800. month, we are paying out approximately $1700. in credit card debt, we will not go into the rent and living expenses, his response is well if we credit you card this should lower your payments. Can’t make a payment with no money in the bank. We agreed to the $9,000. in check form and we have not heard anything since. We are not settling for that small amount, we are going to take what ever legal action necessary. Please understand that we know the bottom line is we are responsible for the decision we make in our lives, my husband and I had impeccable credit, with the exception of losing our home in 2009. We never let our credit go. We are/were honest hard working people. My husband worked for 30 years in the same line of work until he became disable, we chose not to claim his SSI until he is older, my employment has always been enough to live off. We own our vehicles, had no credit debt, and a small savings. Today we have no saving, an over abundance of debt and I am currently looking for work as fast as I can, our credit will go to s–t, we will be applying for SSI and or disability on my husband which takes time. We will be asking for living assistance from the government (which we have never had to do). I am a mental mess, I beat myself up daily, for actually believing that this was the real deal. I always prided myself in being smarter than the average person, instead I have failed myself and my family by investing everything we had into this. I just want it out there for others that Scott and Amy Yancey Flipping Las Vegas TV show and Dean Graziosi Real Estate Investment Expert Inner Circle founder are scammers, they are where they are because of people like us, we finance their rich life. We have not given up trying to make a business for ourselves, however we are sure it will be quite a long time before we will make any type of money to consider calling it a profit. Our friends say well you learned a hard lesson, my response is I am an old dog who does not want to learn any new hurtful lessons.
    Thank you for your time and of course if there is anything you can do make others aware of these people that would be great. Our total loss noted in this email is $53,411. There are more expenses we invested in through the Buying Summit, however I think I have painted an ugly enough picture for now. If for any reason you would like any copies of documentation or phone numbers, I am more than happy to provide what ever I have. Again thank you.

  • Bait & Gotcha March 5, 2014 bettye_merritt

    It’s amazing to know that people are scheming all the time to beat you out of your hard earned money. I was fooled into believing that I would have a personal coach that would guide my success as an Affiliate Marketer; only to be stuck with a loan that I was unable to payback and adverse credit reporting. So if they can report my mishaps, it’s only fair that I report their company as the scam artist that they are, preying on the innocent. This is an injustice, how can this not be unlawful. These companies are building their wealth by theft and their weapon: deceitful words.

  • PMI Real Estate Seminar/Tax Lien Scam February 3, 2014 Paul Kreminski

    This company should be put out of business. They provide false and misleading information for which they charge huge fees They are a fraud. They charge $ 1,997 to attend a three day seminar where they overload you with false information and then high pressure people to buy a mentoring program for anywhere from $ 20,000 to 40,000.

  • PMI SCAM January 8, 2014 Stephen Owens

    False information provided up front to lure us in to the unsuspecting outcome. The entire event was a fraud. We were taken advantage of. I attended this seminar suggesting the Education would be provided by “SCOTT YANCEY”. I fell for it, he is a credible guy (I thought).. He has a TV Show, He does this for a living, he doesn’t need to make any more money, why would he SCAM ME!!! Well, December 7,8,&9th I attended a seminar in Las Vegas at the MGM, I paid $1997.00 to attend. The “Sales” person(s) at the “FREE” presentation were very convincing in leading us to believe we could attend this seminar and learn from SCOTT YANCEY and his wife AIMEE all the in’s and out of real estate investing with GET THIS “NO MONEY” out of your own pocket! First, I am a “Senior Citizen” on a fixed income. I was taken advantage of! These people know we are there looking for ways to make money, NOT FOR MY HEALTH,so I would assume it would be a wise investment. IT wasn’t!! IT was all lies..lies and more lies. I sat through this 3 day seminar, to listen to this man feed us with false information. They lure you in telling you that you can do this with none of “MY” own money. Then they expect me to call my already “EXCEEDED” Credit cards and ask them to raise my limit, (get myself in more debt) and then they wanted me to cash out my retirement to pay $40,000.00 for another bullshit week! I am so angry that I fell for this. SCOTT YANCEY is a part of a SCAM!! I can’t even watch his show anymore. PMI is the company that backs this entire scam as well. They know what they are doing is taking advantage of people who cannot afford this. The end of the weekend, they confront you with the DEAL OF A LIFETIME… $40,000.00 for boot camp. They backed us in a corner, and kept talking. We told them we did not have 40K, they reduced it to $26K. They would not take NO for an answer. I told them I did not have the money, he asked for a Credit Card and said he would hold it until we came up with the money. To make us feel better, he handed us a black bag. Full of stuff we will never use. I did not want to do that, but the man made me feel like I would be stuck there all night if I didn’t give in. It was the WORST. After each person signed up, the speaker would CONGRAGULATE and say in front of the entire crowd “GREAT GIVE THEM MY CONTACT INFORMATION” as if to make the rest of the crowd feel unworthy. And to find out later the contact information he gives is an EMAIL ADDRESS! REALLY!!I can get that on Linkdn IF I WANTED IT.. but it’s the overall intent behind that little PR STUNT!ITS JUST ALL WRONG!!! If I HAD 40K to invest in a seminar, I WOULD HAVE 40K to start my real estate investing. They tell you to go to this BOOT CAMP, “Boots on the GROUND” literally, they want you to stand in front of LOWES and find buyers!! REALLY.. and what am I supposed to do with these buyers if I have no home to SELL! They want me to find buyers for them! PMI and YANCEY EVENTS should be ashamed of themselves.

    Your Desired Resolution:
    I want my MONEY BACK! AS I MENTIONED, I am a SENIOR CITIZEN on a fixed income. I have poor health and this has caused me SO MUCH STRESS. I am under Doctors care for extreme high blood pressure, and this matter has not helped!! If it is policy to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SENIOR CITIZENS then they’ve done their job! At THIS TIME, all I am asking for is my $2000.00 REFUND! If this does not get resolved and I have to move forward, I will seek for additional restitution for my health, medical bills, and the time off the little bit of work I am able to do. I WILL GO TO THE MEDIA. CONTACT 13, REVIEW JOURNAL, THE MORE SHOW WITH MONICA JACKSON ON FOX. I AM GOING TO MOVE THIS UNTIL I GET A RESOLUTION. I AM SEEKING TO GET IN TOUCH WITH A&E NETWORK, TO LET THEM KNOW THE “SCAM” SCOTT YANCEY IS A PART OF AND USING THE “A&E” PUBLICITY TO GET PEOPLE TO HIS EVENTS!! THEY SPECIFICALLY IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AS HOST OF THE ‘A&E” REALITY SHOW “FLIPPIN VEGAS” I DOUBT THIS LITTLE FRAUD SEMINAR IS PART OF THEIR A&E CONTRACT!! I WILL ALSO MAKE SURE THE WORD ABOUT PMI AND THE BACKING THEY HAVE WITH THIS SCAM.

  • PMI Complaint June 25, 2013 npatterson

    My husband and I were victims of this company. As many other victims have reported, we also were promised a high level of involvement from the PMI coaches and early success if we follow the program step-by-step and do exactly what we are told to do. Our salesperson (Gene Gardner) was very convincing throughout the long conversation, but the words that really convinced us to sign up were “our goal is to get you at least 5 deals in the first month”.

    Here is how the process went for us:

    1. June 4 Gene called us under the guise of trying to find a “select few” people to work with to make them the next “success story” for marketing purposes. I am unemployed, my husband is currently laid off, and our savings account is dwindling fast. We explained this to Gene and his response was reassuring… I am paraphrasing here, but it went something like this: “we will not let you fail… if you work hard and follow the coaching, you can start making deals in a short amount of time and we will be with you every step of the way”. We then asked about a buyers list (because we know that takes time to generate). He said “don’t worry, we will provide you with the buyers list”. We were scared, but also excited by the chance to achieve financial freedom and Gene seemed so caring and genuine that we agreed to sign up for the program.

    2. About 10 minutes after hanging up with Gene, we received a call from Mike Betts from Wealth Information Network. Mike took our debit card information to make a down payment of $599 with an additional $3046.00 financed at a rate of 18%… making the total amount $4097.34 (including interest). He then told us that we would receive a call from a coach to get us started. Something important to note here is that when we signed the contract we told Mike that we did not want to have our payments taken from our account automatically and checked a box labeled (none) to express that we did not want this option. When we received a letter in the mail with our financing details we saw that our contract had been assigned to a company called Monterey Financial Services, Inc. and that our account had been set up for debits from our bank account automatically each month.

    3. The next day, June 5, we received a call from Roy with PMI. When we asked Roy if he was our coach, he said that he is not our coach, his only responsibility was to direct us to the training modules and inform us of the hours of operation, so he pointed us to a training website and told us the hours to reach the coaches at the Utah office. That was our first “coaching session”.

    The website is a video training module that new students use to learn at their own pace. My husband and I were both very excited to get started as well as highly motivated because time and money are two things that we are very short on (we need to make deals fast). We immediately started the training sessions and completed all courses within 4 days (finishing on Monday, June 10). We then called Mike Betts to see what was the next step, but Mike didn’t answer his phone… so we left a voice mail. (Long story short, from June 10 until June 19 we left Mike 5 voice mails in total and never received a call back. It wasn’t until June 20 that we were able to make contact with Mike. When asked why he disappeared and never returned our calls he said that he was in Arizona all week coaching a little league baseball team in the little league world series).

    That same day, June 10, we received a call from PMI telling us to expect a call on Thursday (June 13) from an advisor who will get our business account set up. We thought… finally, we can start making progress!!! As promised, the call came on Thursday from a person with a company called Safeguard. He explained that he was not a tax attorney, but would help us with tax advice and set up an LLC for the price of $1200. My husband explained to him that he is laid off and I am unemployed so we need to start getting a return on our initial investment of $4097.34 before we start investing more money… That called ended quickly after the man heard this. He said no problem, go through the program and once you start making money call me back and we will get you setup.

    After this call, my husband was very upset and called Mike to see what is going on… why are we getting calls from people asking for more money, but we are not getting any coaching or guidance to start making real estate deals??? Of course, Mike didn’t answer his phone and never returned our call.

    We then called PMI and talked with Roy to see who is our coach and why aren’t we receiving the training we were promised. Roy quickly replied that we don’t have any assigned coach. Our program only provides us with the online video training modules and access to advisors “coaches” if we have questions. We informed him that we had completed the training courses and asked what was the next step. He then asked “did you complete your buyers list?”. We were both surprised and told Roy that we were told by Gene that we would be provided with a buyers list. Roy then replied that we need to generate the buyers list… they won’t give us a list. When I explained to Roy that he needs to listen to the conversations we had with Gene and Mike so he could realize what we were sold he said he could not do that, but customer service could… so he transferred us to customer service.

    “Customer service” was a young girl, very nice, but obviously not equipped or trained to take care of our situation. She put us on hold several times and finally came back to say that she couldn’t help us, but she would transfer us to someone who could… that transferred ended with a voice mail machine, to which I left a message and never received a call back.

    4. June 18 we received a call from a nice woman with PMI. We explained to her our situation, to which she seemed sympathetic, and she told us we need to call a company called Income Solutions Incorporated at 1-800-514-1134. This number would lead us back to Mike Betts and Gene Gardner (Wealth Information Networks). Apparently, this is the same company with two different names.

    4. Finally, on June 20th I made contact with Mike Betts. I explained to Mike that we are not receiving the level of attention from the coaches at PMI that we were promised and they will not provide us with a buyers list. His response was “don’t worry, I will get this taken care of… I will call them and then get back with you”.

    5. June 21st, Mike got back with us. He said “you should have received software with the buyers list”… We explained to him that we did not. He then said “don’t worry, I will call them and get your buyers list software as well as schedule some coaching sessions starting on Monday to get some progress going… we want to get you a deal within a week. A coach will contact you on Monday, June 24 at 11:00 your time”. Well, Monday June 24 at 11:00 came and no call… since then, I have called Mike and left two more voice mail messages informing him that we have not been contacted and to please return my call to let us know what is going on.

    We then called the company that has our contract “Monterey Financial Services” to see how to get our money back. As you can probably guess, it was a very rude, unprofessional young woman named Cici who did not care one bit about us or our financial situation. She only argued with us that we signed a contract and that the contract clearly states no refunds. She also directed us to call a company called “Wealth Information Networks at 1-800-514-1134… guess who???… that’s right, Mike Betts and Gene Gardner…

    Today is Tuesday, June 25 at 5:45 pm and we still have not received any calls from Mike Betts or PMI… if there is someone who can help us with this please contact us.

  • PMI Direct Scam June 21, 2013 audifay

    About 9 months ago I was scammed into ordering Anthony Morrisons online training and they told me I would receive coaching calls and step by step training. All lie’s! I tried to cancel this program, but they said that I had to pay the monthly payments of $200.99 for 18 months to fulfill the contract.I did not realize what I had done til I have started to feel that the $200.99 per month has become a financial burden to me and my family. I just want them cancel my account asap!

  • Tried to cancel Education and payment plan June 18, 2013 Anonymous

    I invested $399.00 and a payment of $200.99 for Internet affiliate marketing education.I tried to cancel this,and have been unsuccesful.PMI did return the June 2013 payment of $200.99 .And said payments will resume on July 25,2013 . I would like to cancel service with PMI.

  • PMI Ripped Me Off Big Time! April 24, 2013 Lekha

    On a fateful night in early August, I received a call from Professional Marketing International (PMI). It was in response to an email I had sent to Anthony Morrison after listening to him on the Internet about how he has helped individuals make money through Internet Marketing. I asked in the letter about the program.
    Two individuals talked to me one after the other in a manner that was very convincing and professional, it seemed. The individuals were Danny Kaye: 800-860-8068, extension 3597 and Brian Andrus: 800-860-8068, extension 3413. They talked about PMI, Marketing Success Academy, and how a coach from the academy can work with me on a individualistic basis to develop skills in internet marketing over a period of 12 weeks so that I can make a lot of money. They asked me about the job I lost, the money I would like to earn and how they can help me earn a lot more than the income I was losing with the loss of my job. After about 45 minutes of talk, they managed to convince me. They indicated that I will be hearing from a Janet Paterson (jpaterson@nmrdirect.com) about traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah for an intensive day of training.

    In short, I went for the deal at a cost of $15,140 (plus additional money I spent on round tip to Utah, hotel and food). At that price I was told I would be getting coaching at the optimal level for the best results versus less intensive programs for lower prices.

    Marketing Success Academy training was no more than a 15 minute call every Friday around noon from a Joe Gonzalez (jgonzalez@pmidirect.com at 1-800-860-8068, ext. 3290). The training was essentially no more than asking me to go through training video and text in the Academy’s training site (www.loginec.com with a password they provided). Frankly, I did not learn any more from those Friday sessions than I did from the videos. The coach was always in a hurry and it was like an imposition to ask questions that warranted lengthy answers. The answers were always short and abrupt. Discussions were never possible. Even the Salt Lake City seminar was unproductive (full of jargons) — not geared to novices they were supposed to train.

    After 12 weeks, the calls ended and I was supposed to be the expert. Far from it. After $700 worth of Facebook ads and another $100 for ads on 7 search.com, I have up come up empty handed – ZERO RETURNS — and that was not for lack of trying. I just do not know enough and did not get the intensive training I was promised to make the kind of money they assured me I would make ($100,000 or thereabout). In fact they promised a lot in terms of help, but even the technical staff in Ad2Action (Unit of PMI – www.ad2action.com ) did not know enough to help in any meaningful way. It was all a sham. To make matters worse, they have been stealthily putting charges (that I do not owe) through my credit card to this day. Of course I have asked my credit card company to stop any such payment.

    I feel cheated and exploited and want my money back. They owe me not only for the rip-off but also for the time, frustration, and bitter despair that I have suffered as a result of what they have done.

  • LAB April 19, 2013 Lori

    I purchased Anthony Morrisons Fast Cash Commisions software. Soon after I was receiving calls from PMI. Telling me that the software I just bought was not going to do me any good without the coaching. Stated they would coach me through to be making money on line very quickly. I followed every lesson to a T. Spent money on advertising. I kept telling the coaches that nothing was happening. They said, just do the lessons and follow them. This went on for months. When I tried to ask them about the FCC Dashboard. And how this works with my site. They stated I wasn’t at that point yet. I tried to sign on to FCC Dashboard and it is gone. Replaced with an ad. So I never got to use it. I told them that i did not want to sign on for future payments I could not make. They assured me if I followed the lessons I would be making enough money to cover operating costs. This did not happen. I have proof of all the lessons I have done. I still have not made one sale on my website almost a year later. And I still have no income. I am devastated by this. I am not a rich person. This was supposed to be my main source of income, and I told them this. I told them I only had a little money to put into this, but I have the drive and determination to make it work. I am self motivated and worked very hard to get this to work. My pleas to PMI were basically responded to by, watch the training videos. Really? This is not coaching.

  • Seeking Refund from Professional Marketing International Because of Rip Off April 16, 2013 Lekha

    On a fateful night in early August, I received a call from Professional Marketing International (PMI). It was in response to an email I had sent to Anthony Morrison after listening to him on the Internet about how he has helped individuals make money through Internet Marketing. I asked in the letter about the program.
    Two individuals talked to me one after the other in a manner that was very convincing and professional, it seemed. The individuals were Danny Kaye: 800-860-8068, extension 3597 and Brian Andrus: 800-860-8068, extension 3413. They talked about PMI, Marketing Success Academy, and how a coach from the academy can work with me on a individualistic basis to develop skills in internet marketing over a period of 12 weeks so that I can make a lot of money. They asked me about the job I lost, the money I would like to earn and how they can help me earn a lot more than the income I was losing with the loss of my job. After about 45 minutes of talk, they managed to convince me. They indicated that I will be hearing from a Janet Paterson (jpaterson@nmrdirect.com) about traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah for an intensive day of training.

    In short, I went for the deal at a cost of $15,140 (plus additional money I spent on round tip to Utah, hotel and food). At that price I was told I would be getting coaching at the optimal level for the best results versus less intensive programs for lower prices.

    Marketing Success Academy training was no more than a 15 –20 minute call every Friday around noon from a Joe Gonzalez (jgonzalez@pmidirect.com at 1-800-860-8068, ext. 3290). The training was no more than asking me to go through training video and text in the Academy’s training site (www.loginec.com with a password they provided). Frankly, I did not learn any more from those Friday sessions than I did from the videos. The coach was always in a hurry and it was like an imposition to ask questions that warranted lengthy answers. The answers were always short and abrupt. Discussions were never possible. Even the Salt Lake City seminar was unproductive (full of jargons) — not geared to novices they were supposed to train.

    After 12 weeks, the calls ended and I was supposed to be the expert. Far from it. After $700 worth of Facebook ads and another $100 for ads on 7 search.com, I have up come up empty handed – ZERO RETURNS — and that was not for lack of trying. I just do not know enough and did not get the intensive training I was promised to make the kind of money they assured me I would make ($100,000 or thereabout). In fact they promised a lot in terms of help, but even the technical staff in Ad2Action (Unit of PMI – www.ad2action.com ) did not know enough to help in any meaningful way. It was all a sham. To make matters worse, they have been stealthily putting charges (that I do not owe) through my credit card to this day. Of course I have asked my credit card company to stop any such payment.

    I feel cheated and exploited and want my money back. They owe me not only for the rip-off but also for the time, frustration, and bitter despair that I have suffered as a result of what they have done.

  • Professional Marketing International April 5, 2013 Bill

    I was promised online & telephone coaching & that if I did follow the program that I would make thousand & thousands of dollars. I did as I was told and for 5-6 weeks received the coaching, and since then I have not heard from them. Needless to say after following all the instructions, I have not made a penny. I would like all my money back & never hear from PMI again.

  • False Promises February 20, 2013 Grace

    PMI told me I would not have to make an additional investments and throughout the program I had to continually purchase more and more products. I paid two payments totaling $5120.00 and then got talked into another $4000.00. To date I my website is not making any money, after all the work I have put into, and I feel frustrated at how impossible it is to get through for assistance. I want my money back as this is a bate and switch program.

  • Investment Properties for Pennies on the Dollar January 30, 2013 Roger

    Replied to an enticement in the mail to learn how to buy Real Estate on a pre-public auction basis. Turned into an infomercial suggesting that further training was needed for a bargain basement price. This was a 3 day seminar that in itself turned into another infomercial with enticement that the next training would be everything that was ever needed- to make money in Real Estate. The 2nd workshop led to a 3rd workshop that almost ultimately guaranteed success in making money through buying and selling Real Estate. There was even more up-selling after attending this ultimate work-shop with promises that someone would be there to guide us through our first money-making deal within days. These were all the promises made by PMI/Dean Graziosi (the Real Estate Guru). Even though we followed all their steps, when we told them we would stop buying their instructional training packages, all support dried up! In the end- all they were doing was selling services that they did not follow through on.

  • PMI Education Center Complaint January 18, 2013 Zach

    I purchased a PMI education program which was supposed to encompass coaching sessions with industry professionals. Essentially, it was supposed to be a step by step system for making money online through affiliate marketing. I outlined what was promised to me as well as what actually happened below.

    a. Promise #1- This is an all inclusive program, no money will be necessary outside your initial investment for a minimum of 6 months.
    b. Reality #1- The first thing I was told to do was to set-up a facebook & pof account and start creating ads to test. It’s funny because thats the first & last thing I learned in 6 months of this program. All in all, I’ve spent near $500 in facebook & pof ads with zero conversions to 3 different websites per the request of my coach. FYI, the coaches were fully aware of my lack of success and did nothing to help.
    c. Promise #2- Bartold- “I’ve never signed anyone up in the program that isn’t succeeding”
    d. Reality #2- I’m living proof that Bartold will do or say anything to get the sale, There are hundreds of others just like me online too.
    e. Promise #3- 12 months of coaching from industry professionals
    f. Reality #3- There is actually only 10 one-on-one lessons with hotline support afterwards. I also have no proof of them being industry professionals at all especially considering the lack of call meeting quality & overall program results.
    g. Promise #4- Easy to understand, step-by-step program for making money online. No guesswork!!!

  • I want payments stopped and/or money back. December 1, 2012 Ben

    I took PMI’s (Professional Marketing International) course on internet success since April of this year.
    The website I built (bang-the-drum.com) took me months to build, but has made NO money to date, despite the fact I followed all or most of the suggestions to market that site, but nothing has worked. I tried calling for a refund, or at least the payments stopped, but was told I was “under a contract” to contact their “coaches” at a set consistency, but have not done that. But the frequency of when I was supposed to talk to those coaches was never actually set or specified.For some reasons, I have to stay in their program and make a payment every month off my credit which is a FINANCIAL BURDEN! Then, I was told my website was supposed to “recoup the investment” I made in the program, WHICH TO THIS DATE HAS NOT! I would like my money back or at least the payments stopped.

  • Want money back from PMI or at least stop payments November 26, 2012 Anonymous

    I joined PMI Education’s coaching program back in April. Followed most of their lessons and videos and put up an ecommerce site called Bang-The-Drum.com as per most of their directions. Except for a few items purchased off of it by my father, the site has NOT made ONE penny since launch. I have tried all the marketing techniques they have taught me, and then some. Nothing. Then just before Thanksgiving 2012, I tried to call PMI’s customer service to get my money back. The girl who I talked to claimed I did NOT do the program at all, which I did, but have no proof, although I can offer screen shots and other things to prove I can do the work.
    So I argued with her for approx. 5-6 minutes over trying to convince her that I tried to make money with my website, and she kept insisting I haven’t contacted the coaches (I did once) and not followed through with this “contract” that I signed that stated I should call my coaches on a consistent basis which I have NO memory of! Now, I CANNOT drop out or stop the payments on the program, and would REALLY like the payments stopped.

  • PMI RIP OFF November 15, 2012 Anonymous

    pmi complaint, professional marketing international complaint, pmi scam, professional marketing international scam, pmi rip off, utah consumer advocate consulting, pmi direct complaints, pmi direct scam, pmi direct rip off, pmi direct review, pmi coaching complaints, pmi coaching scam, pmi coaching rip off, pmi coachingI was led to .p.m.i. through an anthony morrision program and was led to believe it was part of the program.I had talked to Jake and was told upon joining the program there would be no more expenses as everything was covered in the fees.All lies.I was told i had a limited amount of time to sign up and need to act immediately. I should have known by the high pressure tactics that it was a scam.I was told i would get a call from a coach every week and would be making money soon.I got 1 call.In the rush to get me into their program they had signed contract for me and i did not get to go over it first.I was a fool.It all sounded good.Once i got the program i soon realized it was not connected to the anthony morrison program and would cost more.When i got to the first hidden expense i had called and was told they would void a months payment to cover expenses as i could not cancel.At that point i got a little concerned as i was lied to and misled already.I checked my payment history and found they had removed my first months payment instead of voiding that month.I’m guessing to extend contract instead.More lies.I did some research only to find they have a huge scam rating and i would have more fees.Lied to again. I was told when i signed up that i needed to get a credit card just for this (even though there was no more expenses?) ,i told them i didn’t know if i could due to credit issues,that didn’t seem to matter as long as i joined.This program was not what i expected to begin with but in good faith gave it a try and found I was lied to about expenses and yes I had been scammed!. At this point i am to scared to go forward with program due to lies and have run out of options and want this over.I feel like an idiot as i have had to sell my car and that $176 a month has put me in a bad situation.Not everyone can afford to be scammed and no one should be.Please help,If you can get this cancelled and me a refund of any kind i will be forever grateful.As small as this may seem it can truly change my life.

    thank you

  • P.M.I. LIED November 15, 2012 Anonymous

    I was led to .p.m.i. through an anthony morrision program and was led to believe it was part of the program.I had talked to Jake and was told upon joining the program there would be no more expenses as everything was covered in the fees.All lies.I was told i had a limited amount of time to sign up and need to act immediately. I should have known by the high pressure tactics that it was a scam.I was told i would get a call from a coach every week and would be making money soon.I got 1 call.In the rush to get me into their program they had signed contract for me and i did not get to go over it first.I was a fool.It all sounded good.Once i got the program i soon realized it was not connected to the anthony morrison program and would cost more.When i got to the first hidden expense i had called and was told they would void a months payment to cover expenses as i could not cancel.At that point i got a little concerned as i was lied to and misled already.I checked my payment history and found they had removed my first months payment instead of voiding that month.I’m guessing to extend contract instead.More lies.I did some research only to find they have a huge scam rating and i would have more fees.Lied to again. I was told when i signed up that i needed to get a credit card just for this (even though there was no more expenses?) ,i told them i didn’t know if i could due to credit issues,that didn’t seem to matter as long as i joined.This program was not what i expected to begin with but in good faith gave it a try and found I was lied to about expenses and yes I had been scammed!. At this point i have run out of options and want this over.I feel like an idiot as i have had to sell my car and that $176 a moth has put me in a bad situation.Not everyone can afford to be scammed and no one should be.Please help,If you can get this cancelled and me a refund of any kind i will be forever grateful.As small as this may seem it can truly change my life.

    thank you

  • PMI Scams October 27, 2012 Anonymous

    After registering with PMI I discovered that did not keep to their words. I have pool out, but they are still disturbing me about payments. What can I do to stop this harrasment.
    Please help.

  • Coaching Package Complaint October 23, 2012 Anonymous

    PMI contacted us and offered a Marketing package to get our Storesonline sites producing. The package was roughly $9000 paid in Oct. 2008. We put it on a corporate card and were forced to take out cash advances to cover monthly minimums and interest. I feel I am entitled to a full refund as their services offered were not what was provided or promised. Nor were we given any references prior to the sale.

  • The PMI Scam October 12, 2012 Patricia

    I was contacted by telephone and sold and “exclusive personal coaching program” for developing an online business by PMI representative Ryan Buchanon. There was no personal coaching. I was told anyone could be successful with their coaching program and that I would make lots of money. They used examples and stories to reinforce this false statement. I was pressured into making a decision on the spot or they said I would lose the opportunity to participate. I asked for a written contract and was never sent one. I was never provided with the disclosure form that is required by the FTC and the state of Utah when offering a business opportunity.

  • Never contacted or coached – PMI September 15, 2012 Anonymous

    Calls stopped coming when they got my money.

  • Professional Marketing International Scam July 11, 2012 Anonymous

    I purchased the Platinum Pkg from Storesonline then they gave my number to PMI and the Tax club. PMI was very pushy saying I won’t be successful with SOL unless I have their help for the marketing.

  • PMI Scam July 10, 2012 Anonymous

    I was originally contacted by an associate of Anthony Morrison concerning Internet marketing and website design in Feb of this year. By the website and videos it was implied that i could learn to start making money on the internet in as soon as a week. I think the person I spoke with was name Chris Bartold. He implied that I could be making thousands of dollars a month very quickly. He asked my how much money I could invest into the program and how much available credit I had available on my credit cards. He place me on hold several times saying he was trying to get me into a special training class if he could find an opening. Finally he came back and told me for 3375.00 he could get me into a mentoring class 1 on 1 with a personal instructor. I asked several question about the way it worked. His response was that I’m not supposed to tell you this, BUT, nobody that I have recruited, was not successful, that I brought on. He said that if you didn’t like the program I could get a complete refund within 3-5 days, if I remember correctly. By the time the paperwork was received the period have been exceeded.
    I was given several names Megan w/customer service, Tasha Brownell Relations Manager along with their contact numbers. Lance Duffin was assigned to be my personal mentor. I was given a website address to log into my study guide in which Lance was to advise me in my lessons. Each step of the way, the study guide was sending me to other companies to purchase products. The first several lessons were so simple and worthless i spoke to Lance about setting me up at an advance rate so I could start making some money. He gave me other lessons to work on, but again it was not what I had asked for. He knew from the start I was interested in affiliate marketing which he agreed would be the fastest way to start making money. Several week later I again told him I felt like I was being held back doing lessons that were not what I was looking for. Each time i explained that after 6 weeks I was no close to making money than when I first started. Several time he implied that “next week” we should have you up and running.
    All during this time I continued to receive offers for additional products from Anthony Morrison, again trying to get me to spend more money. One such product was called Mobile Money Machine, that promised to be up and running in two days making me money. The web videos that it had me watch did not match up with the program, so I tried to call the company for assistance. There were two numbers listed on the site. The first just rang and the second didn’t belong to that company. After about a week of no luck I call Lance to see if he could help. His response is that Anthony will market other things to his client that doesn’t belong to PMI. This started to raise many important questions. I called Anthony’s customer service department to find out what was going on. They had no clue either. This was supposed to be “a close friend” of Anthony, yet nobody could explain why I couldn’t reach them. I never could get in touch with them.
    After learning all of this I continued to express concerns to Lance about my lessons and still holding me back. He promise to get me up and running soon. By this time after long research myself I found that all I needed was a web domain, which I had to start my affiliate marketing plan. The affiliates already had the designs for me to use and ready to go. When I brought this up to Lance he acted like he was not aware of this. This is when i found out more of the truth in that the ebizpro software didn’t work with other websites. I had to use PMI’s server to host my domain. When I asked Lance, what would happen if PMI closed that would mean I had to start all over again somewhere else. He assured me that that wouldn’t happen. I also asked the fact that if I found a good marketing plan what would stop them from using it themselves. He claimed that wouldn’t happen either, giving me no comfort with either question. After going round and round for several weeks I know Lance was aware of my concerns, and still had nothing to show for my time and effort.
    At this time I point blank asked Lance if I would be able to get a job as a web designer after I finished my lessons? He said no! All of this software and training works only with PMI, and all the other companies like the EbizPro and others was an affiliate of PMI. That’s when I had realized that I had been scammed by PMI. and this was nothing more than a marketing tool to get us to spend more and more money with their other companies.
    After realizing that I had been misled, lied to and misrepresented to, I made the decision to sever all ties with these companies. I sent Lance an email explaining theis and told him of my intent to dispute the charges. He said nothing of it. He knew they were wrong in the way they represent their products to the public. I was nothing more to them than a bank to fund their false claims make more money off of customers by sending them to all of the other affiliate companies until they were broke.

    After doing some research on the internet, unfortunately after the fact, I found that there is a “Scambook” page that targets companies like PMI, showing loses of investments to PMI and it’s affiliate companies in excess of over 2 million dollars, and these are only the people that filed complaints with Scambook. I wonder how many other who haven’t found out or complained on Scambook yet.

    Attached you will find emails and work books that I have with the company. However most of the conversation took place over the phone. The only real way to show you how this company really works if to suffer from it your self. By the time you realize the scam it’s too late. As you may note the workbooks seem to teach at a lower grade level. If you could get access to all lesson videos, you might find the other add on software that try to promote during the classes.

    I am also including some of the comments from scambook so you can understand the feelings we are all having these companies.


    Rick Cozart

  • Professional Marketing International Scam June 22, 2012 Dawn

    I started with PMI about a year ago. I was promised that within 3 months I would earn my initial investment back. I explained that I could not afford to lose my money since I had quit my job after my husbands car accident and since my oldest daughter would be graduating and starting college. I had no credit card debt when I started with PMI. I now have about $8000 dollars in credit card debt and I am losing money every month! My accounts are wiped out and I really need to get that investment back! I have not made a penny in this business and have lost a lot of money and time. Please help me – my daughter starts college in just a couple months.

  • Scammed by Professional Marketing International May 16, 2012 Pat

    My experience with PMI started out like so many others that I’ve read about. About a couple of months after purchasing Anthony Morrison’s book,” The Hidden Millionaire”, I got a call from PMI that sounded very similar to everyone else’s. They promise the moon. You’ll be using “other peoples money,” making back your initial investment in 6 to 12 months, working only a couple of hours a day. What a joke! I spent at least 4 hours a day! They actually lead you to believe that you can make money! They’re slick talkers, and when they find out your credit limit, that’s the amount that they’re going to charge you for your program. It was a program that I downloaded and did exercises on, and also got approximately six calls from my mentor. Those calls were to make sure that I was following the program and check to see how I was doing. It took a good two months to figure out what I would be selling on the website and to get the website set up. There were lots of things wrong with it that had to be corrected before it could ever go online. The thing PMI doesn’t tell you is that getting it publicized online is another big problem. They leave someone with no experience in this area to fend for themselves. I definitely feel like I have been scammed!! (I might add that a former employee of PMI has admitted that basically, it’s all about money!)
    The website had been online for several months when I got a call from another company telling me they would get my website published and out there online so I could be making some money. After spending $10,450 on PMI, I thought perhaps it would be smart to spend money on advertising. (The only sale I had made on my website was to good friends). This company is called 3 Layer Strategies, and that call was in November. The folks in this company are as high pressure and dishonest as those of PMI.
    I received a couple of calls from Brian, and then we were out of town for a month in March. During that time I had e-mailed some questions to him that he never responded to and I haven’t heard from them since. So for no help from them at all, I paid them $4000. What a ripoff! I was also asked to make a video to put on YouTube, but I felt totally inadequate to do this. I thought that’s what I paid them the big bucks for.
    As a senior citizen on a fixed income, this whole experience has been a nightmare and a total financial disaster.

  • PMI Scam April 6, 2012 Anonymous

    I have been scammed by Professional Marketing International. They contacted me after I purchased some books by Scott McGillivary claiming they were affiliated with him and wanted to offer my a special opportunity in which they would coach me in his real estate academy. I was pressured and called several times by them and was talked into joining for a fee. The story is the same as all of your other complaints. I lost a potential deal b/c my coach would not make time for me after he said he would. He also has dodged every question and concern I had about this approach working with NYC real estate. When I tried to get out and get a refund during their trial seven day period he made me feel like i was a “quitter” and in essence lied to me saying there are many people in NYC succeeding at this process. After asking him to have me set up and meet with someone personally in NYC to talk with he avoided the question completely. After speaking with a legitimate real estate broker and friend he advised me to research more about this company b/c it sounds wrong, and sure enough after scouring the internet I find all of these forums with my same story. I have come to realize they have no real real estate advice or credit and what they are actually advising me to do is illegal in NYC to practice with out a real estate license. They have sold my email address to countless spammers and have scammed me out of almost $4,000 dollars. I want to get my money back from them and have them stopped.

  • Scammed by PMI March 31, 2012 Anonymous

    I have been scammed by PMI, and should be entitled to a full refund for their misrepresention of services. I was told by Jim Tilton that a one time upfront investment of $20,000, I would see some viable income within six months. Its been over one and a half years and have not earned any income from this investment.

  1. tbfmichaud@hotmail.com December 11, 2014 at 8:30 am #

    I have written to the Utah Consumer Advocate asking to remove the Scott & Amy Yancey & Dean Grasiosi Scam posting of mine from May 7, 2009. We have resolved our dispute and are currently in good standing.

  2. Troy May 1, 2014 at 9:09 am #

    I’ve personally see way to much talk about PMI and their training scam. Why doesn’t the Government shut these clowns down? They are flagged on the better business bureau, and i’ve been ripped off by these goofs as well. I have a section on my site for PMI, and the testimonials will be permanent till they are shutdown for good.

  3. Troy May 1, 2014 at 9:02 am #

    Well i’ve been personally ripped off by these guys, and i’m fed up. PMI is a scam and i have put up a solid report on http://www.ripoffreport.com and their review is on my new consumer advocate site dedicated to the consumers exposed to this type of crap. As well, my site will focus on all scams and ripoffs, including the heartbleed virus and moneypak FBI scam.



  4. Robert Barron April 26, 2014 at 1:54 pm #

    On 07/23/13 I attended a seminar in Arlington Height, IL and paid a fee of $1495. Also, attended a 3 day Seminar hosted by Adrian Morrison for TMI AND PAID an addition fee of $5,500 in 08/04/2013 after the 3 day seminar ended to set up my Internet business,
    About 8 months later about the first week in April, 2014 Mr. Omar Olsen contacted me about getting a LLC license for $1.500.00, This, I refused to pay as Mr. Olsen made inquiry about my available credit line to pay an additional $1,5000. Shortly afterwards someone from TMI’s office called for inquiry. I told them that “since 08/04/2013 no one has called us nor have I received any coaching/communication from TMI as promised”. Thereafter, Jenifer in Customer Service asked me “what did you pay $5,500,00 for? I replied “it’s not written on my contract”. Then Mr. Peter Olsen stated that he is my coach. When asked about the total costs I was told that for a $99.00 monthly fee he will help me to start my business. So on 04/11/2014 I paid an additional $99.00 on my credit card +$67.00 on 04/03/2014+$67.00 on 04/11/2014 for success with Anthony. We get frequent advertisement to already paid services as duplicated. We are seniors. Thank you

  5. ashad hossain January 18, 2014 at 2:00 am #

    As promised, the call came on Thursday from a person with a company called Safeguard. He explained that he was not a tax attorney,

  6. Lotta Work January 4, 2013 at 12:01 am #

    I am so sorry all of you have been given the run around by PMI. I’ve been working with them for over three years and still have not made back my initial investment, but am determined to see this through at least until I have that money back. I had high hopes for a very lucrative Christmas selling season (my third Christmas) and while I will take in more than last year, it’s still not what I wanted.

    I am tired of working from home and may end up going back to work with a real employer who pays me for my work (what a concept!). Oh, and to have an employer pay for my medical insurance! My goal is for the website to make enough money to pay my medical insurance. So far I’m at least a couple of years away from that happening.

  7. Michael DuPont December 27, 2012 at 8:36 pm #

    Why doesn’t anyone simply file a civil suit against these companies in your state court system ? The most that can cost you is maybe up to a three hundred dollar filing fee (or less) and cost of service which is cheaper if you get certified mail permission instead of sheriff service which is about fifty bucks, oh yeah and either fifty cents of a dollar cost for each defendants summons. If you need a hand drafting it I can assist a few of you for free ——————- or you may find draft complaint form for your state using Google.

    Mike DuPont
    founder ——————-

    ps. I was asked to research prop trend software cost and it possibly being out of date for a family friend so any of you knowing whether prop trend real estate software is worth what I was told is twenty nine dollar a month cost please let me know and thanks

    • Kim M. February 4, 2013 at 2:38 pm #

      From personal experience- Prop Trend is outdated;after purchasing it ourselves we realized it had only 2 year old data on it and only consisted of limited counties. More importantly– and this is key >> they make their money off ‘THE MONTHLY FEES’ they charge, from a majority of the products they sell. They are salesmen, period…. they do not care if any of their students, clients, etc make ANY money with their so called program; they already have YOUR’S!!

  8. Stephen A. May 14, 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    Hello, I too was scammed by PMI. I recently purchased a packet for training in the Success Academy which cost me an upfront fee of 399.00 and I am currently paying a monthly fee of over $150 per month to stay in the course. I have been with PMI for just over a month. I recently tried to get my money back but I was told that it has been over the 3 days grace period so they wouldn’t refund my money. I told them I was highly upset with their coaches and I want my money back. Can somebody possibly help me out?

    Thanks in advance

    • Kim M. February 4, 2013 at 2:14 pm #

      Hi Stephen,

      We feel for you- we too were hard-working innocent victims of PMI also. My suggestion, cancel the credit card you gave them to pull out the monthly payments and get a new credit card. Hopefully – you have caller ID and will not answer any of their phone calls or respond to mailers directly to your home. Hope everything works out for you — if it’s any consulation to you- we’re out over $25,000 with these creeps.
      Good Luck.

      • Scott March 5, 2015 at 2:20 pm #

        All you have to do is call in and cancel your monthly charges, if you don’t want to use their services any longer. It is so simple and you don’t have to cancel your credit card or anything like that.

  9. Aaron & Carla March 13, 2012 at 6:56 pm #

    Every comment we read others make about PMI is an echo of what happened to us. The only difference is how much they took from each person which depended on their credit card balances & credit available. They took $20,000 from us without blinking an eye & passed our names & numbers to The Tax Club who insisted we had to have their services to protect our business from audits so that took another $7,500 from us. We suspect they passed our info to other fraudulent companies who also wanted our money, but PMI & Tax Club got all the money first. We get lots of phone calls! We like many other struggling Americans are just trying to get ahead – you know the American Dream our grandparents and history teachers talked about. The American Dream seems to only happen with frauds & scam artists who make their millions trodding on top of people who trusted them. When we closed our website with PMI’s Momentum Site Builder, they didn’t even want to know why they were losing our business. Why should they since they continue to rake in millions from the gullible Americans trying to improve their life situations. How sad we can’t trust what we are told. What’s wrong with our economy? There are many reasons but one is allowing companies like PMI & The Tax Club continue to be in business. They make our economy worse by asking people what credit cards they have and credit available and proceeding to take all available money on all cards and then saying “don’t worry, you can make minimum payments and then be able to pay if off in less than 6 months.” We feel stupid for not seeing the red lights on this tactic, but we see many others fell for it also. We still haven’t paid off the credit cards & 6 months is past! We made zero money on our business so our debt keeps rising and we can’t help improve the economy when we can’t even help improve our own lives! Thanks PMI & The Tax Club for making us lose faith in mankind, make our lives worse and for enjoying your lives while you bring debt & worse to people who trusted you! Please don’t judge us for believing in what we were told. It won’t happen again.

  10. jcotton February 24, 2012 at 5:27 pm #

    I hate to say it but I felt a little smile come upon my face when I read all of your comments about PMI, only because I thought I was the only gullible one that PMI saw coming. I have to say, they are consistent. From telling you how successful you are going to be to asking how many credit cards you have, to the credit limit you have on them. My sales rep asked me to concentrate on paying off the credit card before spending the profits on myself. Well as we all know, there are no profits. Shortly after paying for their services, I placed several calls into the sales rep that took my money but he never returned them. I felt at that time that I made a big mistake. I seems like they structured the learning program to last a long time on purpose. Scheduling appointments week after week with a consultant. It took forever to get up and running and when I did get my first potential sale, I discovered the website was not configured correctly causing me to lose the sale. I’ve been working this thing since 2010 and have made every bit of $200.00. And yes I am still paying on my credit cards and hosting fees. What I would like to know is what avenue one has to recoup the money that’s been invested with a company that does not have the interest of their client. Where are the ethics here? It’s quite obvious that PMI is in it only for the money and once they have that, they can care less if you make it or not. Could someone please give me some direction?

    • SnakeMama February 25, 2012 at 1:29 am #

      The FBI itself has an internet fraud section which I know has been contacted about PMI’s scams, and the BBB has been notified a LOT by people that were scammed just like you and my boyfriend. The starting price for everyone’s plan is magically the exact same as the top you can fork out on a credit card. Contact the BBB, FBI’s internet fraud place, and send an email to PMI as to who you are and what your doing to get even with them for their scams. Theres other blogs, posts, and venues to try and stop folks from getting involved, and for those that have been disfrauded by them as well. Maybe there will be better options…. But hey, how about a hell of a lot of hate email to flood them with offers to stop if they don’t start acting like a decent business?

  11. Sandy February 15, 2012 at 8:46 am #

    These sound so like mine. We got a card in the mail for a seminar to make money, easy, etc., etc. We went and they were soooo slick. My son sold his car and used the $5K to start (plus some of my credit card) when they pushed us at the seminar and made us feel stupid if we didn’t see it. They knew we had what it takes, we would make it. Then later we were told by the business club (the second business that gets you) that we would get a refund but tell them how much we had on cards and he would wait. I did (stupid!) and sure enough, they took some off each one and told me “you know where I am, so this will work. If not, you will get it all back, guaranteed” or something close. This was a bit over a year ago. I know the man’s name and tried to call him. Run around after run around. I wrote to the tax club (after joining that, too, because heavens, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t make the money because you have to be incorporated, etc., and also how I would be able to get a large business loan SOON and use it to pay all the credit cards that I used to get into this and then the loan would be totally in the business name and if something happened, which they were positive it wouldn’t, I would not be liable, it would be under the corporation’s name and my son and i were free of it. ??? After we got going and they had their money, we tried everything to make it work. My son has been working DAILY and many hours a day and I have done some. We have made 2 sales with a profit of maybe $10 (profit???). I am so distraught over this. Last night I was up almost all night going back and forth on what to do. Well, I can go on and on but I have had to get other credit cards trying to pay off the ones I used (with less interest rates) until I have about 6 now and totalling over $20K. I don’t know what to do. We were looking for something, my husband had left and my son and I really tried to make it work. It’s been over a year and no sales. Then I get hit with a huge merchant fee (supposedly I was told this when signing up for it) and I called and they said sorry, it was the annual renewal. I paid several hundred for a drop shipper. Still no sales. I have the merchant account able to get my monthly from $30 to $5 unless i miracously have a sale, and profit $5 I would be charged the $30. Plus the website. Plus all the credit cards. Plus all the incorporation fees and costs. We went through the classes. We went through their seminar or whatever it is, they wanted me to drive to Utah to go to their live seminar and meet people (the wheat man!) and how exciting. BUT it would be on my dime for driving and hotel there. When I said I was not able to, somehow they managed to send me $1000 back since I couldn’t go (so guess part of the payment was for that trip) and gave us live webcam to watch. Didn’t really learn too much more than we had learned. Went through the classes. Went through the talking to them until we couldn’t get anyone new and were hearing the same old ways that were not working. Then they got upset and said we were not trying, were not there for the calls. This was after MONTHS and MONTHS of it. My son is learning more on his own but we still have no sales. :-( I’m at the end of my rope. Help! We were scammed and they were (hate to say this but…) like the saying of “the old car salesman” with the way they convince you. Switch and bait. I don’t think I mentioned above but someone on a forum said they worked for PMI and they were both a setter and closer and described what they did. It was EXACTLY what they do. He said he prays every night for forgiveness for ripping people off.

  12. SnakeMama January 30, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    Hello! I have a boyfriend with PMI problems, they set up a payment plan and yes, magically the downpaymend for their plan was the max that he could afford. He too had NO sales from his site and had paid a LOT to get adds up and put his site towards the top of the search list. What I want to do is see if their sites even work at all. Does anybody still have a PMI based web site available and working? If you have a cheap item “on sale” I want to see if I buy it from you, do you get the funds or if its diverted to a PMI account basically. If anyone is willing to really check and see if this works let me know, I’ll see what I can do – And we can use it as further evidence to their ultimate fraud. Is there anyone willing to do this?

  13. Joseph Cortese January 21, 2012 at 8:01 pm #

    In August of 2010 I signed on with Professional Marketing International (PMI) of Lehi, Utah. I was assured that within a few months I would see some viable income from a venture into the world of selling quality wine racks on the Internet. I studied the lessons they supplied, and worked hard at accomplishing everything I was advised to do. As time went on and there were no sales and thus no money coming in, I had to obtain a part time job just so I could pay essential bills and keep on top of credit card payments associated with the purchase of PMI learning materials. I fell farther and farther behind in my payments, though, as I struggled to at least make minimum payments on my debts that resulted from this association with PMI. The amount totaled nearly $15,000.
    PMI, through an advisory coach named Jordan Foutz, was very much aware of my financial situation, and my availability. I dedicated every Thursday to working on the website business, since that was the only work day I was able to do so. Yet, the coach insisted on calling me for our telephone conferences six times on Fridays, out of a total of 11 times, with no rescheduling considered at all due to my working situation. Instead, PMI records show that I was a “no show” for these missed sessions.
    Wouldn’t you think, upon reviewing a list of these conferences and seeing that all of the six “no shows” were on Fridays, something was odd? Why were no attempts made by PMI to reschedule these at a time that I was available, instead of simply blowing them off? They were promised as a part of the original package. By the way, until quite recently, I was totally unaware that I was “cheated” out of these six sessions. I find that itself unbelievable.
    The company never made any offer to change me to another coach until I had filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Utah on 4/25/2011. Initially, PMI offered me a $2,000 “rebate for business expenses.” Yet, they had the audacity to tell the BBB that I had received the “rebate” and “agreed to continue working with one of our top consultants.” I have NOT received a $2000 rebate, and I never agreed to continue working with this company. As a matter of fact, there was no follow-up or checking in with me to see why my site was not functioning, nor any contact from PMI, until I filed the complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
    I did receive a form authorizing the monetary “rebate” a few days after their “offer.” However, I read it very carefully, and then faxed the required paperwork to PMI, attached with a noted amendment that I had written. I signed the amendment in place of the original standard form from them, the reason being that I refuse to sign any document which states that the entire situation is resolved by my signature, and that I no longer hold PMI responsible for any further action or financial reimbursement on their part.
    I trusted PMI to do a credible job, since they were recommended by a business associate of mine, Dan Vega of the Blue Star Business Institute of Springfield, MO. I never expected to be flat broke to the tune of over $15,000 because of the trust I had placed in PMI. All I have to show for my efforts is an extremely undesirable and damaging financial crisis. Our office received the attached letter from you which indicates that you are not satisfied with the decision rendered by the arbitrator in your case, Jason Burger. While we understand your frustration, please understand that the decision is final.

    After seeking resolution through the Better Business Bureau of Utah, all avenues were exhausted since PMI never was really ever interested in settling with me for a full refund. An arbitrator was assigned to the case in November 2011. I was totally stunned when his decision was the same as what PMI originally offered me. I notified the BBB of Utah that I would not comply with that decision. The letter follows:
    Regarding the Arbitration Decision of Jason Burger in my ongoing dispute with Professional Marketing International, in the many pages of documentation that I had submitted, I believe that I had made it very clear that it is impossible for me to work with PMI for a period of six more months. In these uncertain economic times, I do not possess the finances necessary to even pay for an extension of all the services and fees related to the maintenance of the website.
    All the study materials can be easily returned to PMI. I have no problem with that. The problem is money: I have none left because I put everything I had into this ill-fated investment. Therefore, I will pursue this dispute as long as I must, since there are other avenues that can be used. The reasons listed by the arbitrator in his Decision show a poor understanding or a misunderstanding of the many pages of testimony I submitted. For example, PMI knew that my site was providing no financial income for me and that I had to get some type of gainful employment before I lost my home. They knew my concerns up-front. I was always totally honest with them. Unfortunately, they were not honest with me. They made no allowances whatever for rescheduling sessions that I could not possibly attend. PMI makes it sound like I “cut” the sessions, on purpose. That is ludicrous.
    How could I be available for prearranged sessions when I was working another job because I had to generate some type of income? Thus, I HAD to be “simultaneously involved in a variety of business ventures as well as writing a book.” I still had sufficient time to “devote to the development of this business venture,” attested by the fact that I researched and wrote many articles to promote the site, as well as studied materials on the days I did not work on my other “business ventures.”
    “If there are less time constraints on Mr. Cortese now, I recommend he take advantage of the ruling.” What if there are more time constraints now? The Arbitration Decision merely repeats the “offer” made by PMI of $2,000 refund IF I agree to continue via their mentoring hotline for a period of six months. The Decision makes no allowance for any other alternative. That is totally unacceptable. Please notify PMI that I will no longer “take advantage of this opportunity,” since it is not an opportunity; rather, it is an impossibility.
    Joseph Cortese

  14. Mark N January 9, 2012 at 3:50 am #

    I wrote a detailed complaint on the stores online Complaint board if you are interested in reading my story. PMI scammed me out of about $15,000 for services they promise but cant deliver. Where I see they get everyone Hooked is of coarse everyone wants the Advantage where they guide you along because most people that buy into this Fraudulent Co.(PMI) want to succeed at a fast pace, so you can recover your money you invested sooner! How many average people Know how much it costs to start up a Web Based Business? Answer=Very Few- So how do you know if these cost and services they promise are Legit? You Dont! They pressure you into making Fast decisions with your Credit Card without adequate time to research their promises. They will go after every Credit Limit you have left on your card and from what I have researched every person pays a differnt Sum depending on your Available Funds! These CROOKS need to be STOPPED and Return everyone’s Hard earned Money! I will do what ever it takes to get my Money Refunded and Keep others from these DEVILS!

  15. Dan December 19, 2011 at 4:07 pm #

    A little over a year ago, I read Anthony Morrison’s books and got really (overly) excited. It all seemed so easy, and logical. So when the slick sales pros at PMI called me they could not have found a better and more willing customer. It’s embarrassing, really, to even admit it all. But with me, it took very little effort on their part. All they had to do was simply use the routine, the “script” and they were off to the races. After “pumping me up”, asking me how much money I wanted to make and how fast I wanted to make it etc. they quickly got to the point, which was to ask me HOW MUCH MONEY I HAD AVAILABLE ON MY CREDIT CARDS! I forget how they rationalized this question, but you would think that bells and whistles would go off in your mind like crazy with a question like that, right? Nope. I had gotten myself so excited that I was really stupid enough to tell them when they asked me, with barely a second thought. Sheer, unadulterated stupidity. Nevertheless, after I volunteered this information, they quickly determined how much the “Success Academy” and coaching “investment” would cost me. Ready? 15.6 THOUSAND DOLLARS. Yeah, It could make “America’s Funniest Videos” if it wasn’t so tragic. So on that fateful day, and in a matter of a few moments, I almost doubled my credit card debt. In any case, spending 16 grand on something WORTH 16 grand isn’t a problem, right? Right, but in this case, it isn’t, ESPECIALLY now that I know that others have bought the same package for a lot less. Well, after that, I worked pretty hard at getting my business going – buying URLs, buying a merchant account (3-year commitment with PMIs recommended “X-Charge” of $30.00 a month – or pay about $500 to cancel), finding suppliers, loading products into the website, etc). The “funny” thing is, I had gotten excited about Affiliate Marketing, not about building an e-commerce – online store, selling my own products. I never really wanted to do that. Even so, that is exactly the path that PMI took me down, leading me to believe that that was a necessary precursor to doing the affiliate marketing. This could be really lengthy, so to sum up: I let PMI sales pros talk me into telling them how much available credit I had on my credit cards, and then I stupidly GAVE it to them. Over a year later I’ve spent close to 20 THOUSAND dollars and have a lousy e-commerce store (which I never wanted in the first place) that has made ZERO sales. And oh yeah, I did get several “coaching” sessions and access to the “Success Academy”. BUT, the coaching sessions were so brief and rushed that I could barely keep up, and the lessons I accessed at the academy website were useless. I want my 15.6 THOUSAND DOLLARS REFUNDED.

  16. Steven X November 17, 2011 at 12:51 pm #

    In May of 2011, my wife & I invested in Stores on Line. Paid about $6K for their Platinum Package. This package included advanced training modules (“Stores On Line University”), and a variety of free access to, or discounts for, other services that we’d need in the course of developing our E-Commerce business. Some of these services included drop-ship warehouse memberships (DOBA, AliBaba), online information gathering tools to enhance keyword research & ‘spy’ on competition websites (TeraPeak for use with EBay, StatCounter for monitoring my website activity, SpyFu etc), access to their store-builder software, and other stuff I don’t actually remember right now.

    In addition, they would build up to 5 websites for us. (As an aside, I finally went ahead and built my own website. About a month later, I did get a call from SOL asking if I was ready to give them preliminary information so they could begin developing my site. I politely declined).

    Not long after starting with SOL, we got a call from PMI inquiring about our progress with our online business. They suggested that we needed some direction & coaching to help us succeed. They invited us to join their “Success club.” The agreement was that if we would do a few certain things, they assured us that we could not fail. Those things were something like: will we do the work and follow through with their education plan, are we open to new ideas, and do we promise not to quit?

    The cost for us to join this ‘success club’ was 18K. I asked how they arrived at that figure; it seemed uncanny that their price was just about the remaining balance we had available on our credit cards. Their response to my question was that the price included a myriad of services and benefits: the PMI toolbar, the entire PMI Education Modules, weekly coaching with a highly trained member of their team, help with business setup, product selection, assistance with link-building & promotions (including professional video productions) through an affiliate company (DL-Link Power, aka, ‘myEBiz’), 15 marketing tools & strategies to be implement on my first two sites, and attendance at their exclusive multi-day seminar in Salt Lake City.

    Somehow, it seemed plausible to us: the salesman used the example of Bill Gates leveraging his and/or his parents’ credit cards to launch his business: where would we be if we didn’t take a risk. And he reiterated that if we simply follow their program, we almost couldn’t fail. That within a few short weeks, we’d be earning enough from our online venture to begin easily repaying the credit card debt we were incurring.

    Those few short weeks have now dragged on for over four months. And, even though we completed all of the training modules, passed all the tests, did all of the steps outlined, diligently followed all of their suggestions, and even attended (at our own expense) the seminar in SLC, we have yet to make our first sale on our first website.

    Our coach tells us how awesome we are: he loves our website, we are his favorite consultees, and he says that we actually ‘get it’ and we’re doing great. We just need to keep doing what we’re doing, and it will all work out.

    In September, one of PMI’s affiliate companies, DL-LinkpowerSEO (aka myEBiz), wrote five articles on my behalf and submitted them to a variety of article submission sites. I requested copies of the articles for my records. Upon reviewing those articles, I contacted them and asked them not to write any more articles until further notice from me. All of the articles were at best sophomoric, two of them contained blatant inaccuracies, and one did not even speak about its title.

    I pretty much forgot about DL-Linkpower, until in October I received a notice from Squidoo that my account had been locked: my lenses were violating their Terms of Service.
    From their email to me:

    “Specifically, your account was flagged for deletion because your lenses and/or group were flagged as spam. This means your content is recycled, copied from another website, or identical from lens to lens. Or, maybe you created a bunch of uncurated lenses with only one or two modules of content, or content that doesn’t add to the value of the lens.”

    This email surprised me, because I had not created any lenses in that Squidoo account. But DL-Linkpower had. I never got to see what they created, because the lenses were deleted, and DL-LP did not keep copies of what they had created.

    I did appeal to Squidoo to revisit their decision, and included an explanation of what had happened. They have since replied, and are abiding by their original decision to lock (and delete) my account. Their email to me:

    You’re account was marked for deletion for having subpar or recycled content and for violating our Squiddon’t policy. You hired a company to set up your lenses which is entering a contract with at third party (not us), and is at your own risk. If that company creates mass produced accounts and lenses that don’t comply with our TOS, we will lock them. As such, your account will remain locked.

    I agree with Squidoo and with their policies. My ‘entering into a contract with a third party’ was done at the behest of my coach; he said to activate that portion of DL-LP’s services and they’ll take care of the social marketing.

    I mention this because of the potential damage that could have been caused. As I said, I had not created any lenses on Squidoo under that account. I do have lenses using other accounts that are used for E-commerce purposes. I can’t imagine how P-O’d I’d be if one or more of those lenses were locked and/or the accounts closed!

    I contacted my PMI Account Rep regarding DL-LP, told her what happened, and said that I would like a refund for the DL-LP portion of what we’ve paid to PMI. She said she would pass my info on to their Quality Assurance Dept., and that someone would contact me in the next day or so.

    The following evening, about 10pm, I got a call from PMI … I let it go to voice mail. I’ve been contemplating which course of action to take, and wanted to consult with UCA before talking with PMI.

    My thoughts are that first, SOL & PMI are extremely overpriced.
    There is some value in what they have to offer, but that value is certainly not $24K.

    I expect that they will be open to refunding a portion, for the DL-LinkPower Suite … but I have no idea how they will value that.

    (Interesting Side Note: on the PMI Education Page, there is now a tiny hyperlink to a disclaimer that mentions that PMI is not affiliated with DL-LP. However, in the welcome package we initially received, they were bragging about having DL-LP as part of their ongoing commitment to assuring our success, and the DL-LP Suite is still listed in the PMI toolbar).

    Looking at this whole experience in retrospect, and having learned as much as we have about e-commerce, I know that most if not all of the ‘secrets and techniques’ they provide are readily available elsewhere. The value of a course such as PMI is that all of the information is located in a single location. But how to assess that value?

    Update: I left a voicemail with PMI’s QA contact yesterday, asking him to call me this morning, after our weekly coaching call. I suggested 11am would be ideal. He has not called.

    In our coaching call this morning, I did mention to our coach that we were looking at new directions, other than straight e-commerce. Perhaps Affiliate Marketing? He said he thought that may be a good idea, and that he would grant us access to another training module offered by PMI. He said he hoped he wouldn’t get in trouble for doing that; but if we login to our education site, we’d see a new module. After completing the call, I accessed the site & saw that the ‘new’ module contained information identical to material we had already covered. (These pdfs were named the same as pdfs in earlier training sessions). This is yet another example of redundant information offered as training by PMI.

    As to Stores On Line, their services are also extremely overpriced. Again, there is some value in what they offer, but most if not all of that can also be found cheaper elsewhere.

    So … I’m hoping to be in contact with Jon soon to discuss some of these questions, to help my conversations with PMI go in the right direction.

    Thanks for listening to yet another sad tale in the ongoing horror series: “you too can be rich! — just push this button! (Have your Credit Card Info at the ready)!!”

    Thanks for looking into this.
    Steven X.

  17. BM October 27, 2011 at 5:55 pm #

    On August 30, 2011 I attended a real estate seminar in North Dallas signed up for the sean keegan walker’s tax lien & deed’s program which cost me $1497.00. I charged 500.00 to the credit card and financed 997.00 to Payday financial. On 9/14/2011 Ken Barrett an account manager called to explain about the real estate program , I told him that I had already bought the program at the dallas seminar then he said you can’t have one without the other you need to have both in order for this business to work so then he transferred me to Dominic Flores who sounded so convincing and brain washed me and I fell for it, when he told me the amount of the program would be $9,092.00. I said I don’t have that kind of money I had just gotten laid off on the 1st of sept. I cannot afford that then he continue to pressure me by saying you can charge that on your credit cards don’t worried you will be working with other people’s money, he led me to believe that I could make fast money easy by the time my first credit card payment was due to make the payment or in 60 days when I make my first deal. I split the amount into two credit cards and I had 3 days for the refund policy cancellation which was on Friday 9/16/2011. I couldn’t sleep over the weekend thinking about it, I called on monday spoke with Dominic Flores who convinced me to stay, I only did 3 sessions from the software, 3 webinars the first one was 1 hour the other 2 were 30 minutes each and 2 coach sessions 1 hour the first time the second just 20 minutes. That was a rough week for me just thinking about the situation and had so many doubts. I went to the website to check on the company and couldn’t believe the many complaints of people that were being scam by this same company and also talked to several experience real estate investors and asked them if it was true that you can make fast money and easy they said no there’s no such think as making fast money with the economy being so bad there’s so much competition out there it can take months before you can make a deal and you need to have money in order to make money and these are experienced real estate investors .So with that being said I decided to call both the credit card company s on 9/28/2011 to dispute the charge and then called professional marketing international to cancel the program and pay day financial also. The credit card company sent me a letter stating that it was my responsibility to pay the amount. Due date of the payment is until dec. 1,2011. I feel I was misled and I think 3 business days refund policy to evaluate this system doesn’t seem quite adequate or enough time to decide you want your money back. The inner circle contacts as they call them are:


  18. MP July 8, 2011 at 8:10 am #

    This has been a total nightmare!! After losing my job of 26+ years I was desperate to help my husband provide for our family. I signed up for Home Jobs for Citizens who obviously gave my personal info and my sob story to PMI. I was contacted by a woman who told me she was from Home Jobs for Citizens and was assigned to my account to “point me in the right direction to insure that I would make money.” When I called her back she said that they wanted to help us to be successful so that we could do a TESTIMONIAL for them. She said that they needed a COUPLE for the testimonial and wanted all of our info. I stupidly gave them all of our info and our unfortunate story and she said they wanted to speak to myself and my husband together. I made an appointment to be interviewed when my husband & I would be home together and she told me to make sure that we would be “accepted” make our goals very high – don’t say “we just want to make enough money to pay our bills” say something like “my husband wants to be able to quit his job, work at home and live better than we have ever lived!” They called for our scheduled appointment and they wanted to know “what kind of money would TOTALLY change our lives.” After about 30 minutes we were signing over $9754.00 on a credit card that they had asked what our credit limit was and how much we had charged on it. I know it sounds idiotic and it does to me just writing this!!!

    Bottom line – we were promised so many things that we never received!!

    1) PROMISED: Interactive Training Sessions – 20 one hour long sessions with a coach. RECEIVED: I don’t know if I had 20 phone call sessions with my coach but I do know that they WERE NOT one hour long!! If I kept him on the phone for 20 minutes that was a lot and he always made me feel like he was in a big hurry and rush me through any questions I had. He would always say, “just call the Advisory Line with any questions.”

    2) PROMISED: Advisory Line. RECEIVED: EVERY TIME I tried to call the Advisory Line, it was either busy or I would hold on endlessly (for at least a 1/2 hour).

    3) PROMISED: Tele-classes. RECEIVED: No one ever told me about these!

    4) PROMISED: MY Ebiz Pro. RECEIVED: I don’t know if that’s what I received but they did drop a website on me which they helped very little with and I have not sold one thing in almost 9 months.

    5) PROMISED: PMI Toolbar. RECEIVED: That was an additional charge so we never got it!

    6) PROMISED: LINK POWER SEO. This was supposed to get us to the top of the search engines. RECEIVED: Never received anything that gets us to the top of the search engines. In fact you can’t even find our website on the search engines. They told us to submit our info to Free Directories which takes hours a day for months and we are still not visible on the search engines.

    7) PROMISED: Link Builder Elite RECEIVED: Never got anything like that!! There team of experts NEVER did anything for us.

    8) PROMISED: 6 Months Free Hosting Fees. RECEIVED: We published our website on February 17, 2011 and we started getting charged for web hosting on April 22, 2011. I don’t think that is 6 months!

    9) PROMISED: PMI Product Select and Drop Shipper Connect. RECEIVED: We did receive this. All it was was they provided us the name of suppliers that dropship.

    10) PROMISED: X-Charge Merchant Account. RECEIVED: Nothing – I had to research and get my own merchant services account to accept Credit Cards.

    Not only did I NOT receive these things promised, but originally I was told I would have to work a few hours a week (which turned into MANY hours a day) to get a website up and running and making money in 6 months. They pretty much deserted me after my weekly calls stopped in March and I am stuck with a website that I am paying $39.95 per month for web hosting and $65.00 for minimum Merchant Services Charge with NO SALES at all and none in sight!!
    I hope that this further explains how we DID NOT receive what was promised and how we were totally scammed out of $9754.00. I have called and called and the few times I could get through to request a refund I was told that I would be receiving a call from someone in charge of refunds. NEVER HEARD FROM ANYONE!

  19. mm June 29, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

    help I was scammed by PMI and tax club too, I reported to my credit card companys over $14,000 charges too. I only filed a dispute is that different than the fraud dept?What do you tell the fraud dept?

  20. Kewpi June 24, 2011 at 11:02 pm #

    My husband and I are dealing with this scam company at the moment and Shannon Tolley is right there at the top of the list. It’s quite the story. Callie told us we had 7 business days to cancel by fax or mail. Out right lie, thankfully I know that most anything is 3 days. Send over night a cancel letter the next morning….faxed same letter to 3 numbers later in the day (less than 24 hours)….
    Call from Eric Rash pressuring my husband into a money back guarantee….husband tells him, I’m at work, need to discuss this with my wife, email me the details, ok, sign and send back if you agree. No email received. Credit card charged for thousands of dollars…..call them and leave message after message, no return calls for 2 days…finally call the guy who signed us up, Lance Yates, he yells at me to be quiet (uh yeah, my voice is getting loud because the guy kept interrupting me in explaining that we had cancelled within 24 hours by fax and 3 days by mail) I give he phone to husband, cuz I am ticked off. Lance tells him, ok no problem, you will get a full refund, Eric needs to take care of it and he is gone for the rest of the week. Also informed Lance that we disputed the charge with credit card company….oh you didn’t have to do that we will give you a full refund….

    Next day, we get a minimal partial refund because now they are saying that my husband agreed to the money back guarantee….no way, we haven’t even seen this email. This is where Shannon comes in, tells us that Eric said we agreed, “No we did not”….says he will email it, “No we are cancelling, have cancelled” Basically they just do not listen to you…they have to have control of the conversation and are so pushy….Shannon sends email as my husband is telling him “We are no interested” and his reply is “well that was a waste of my time”….seriously in reading this contract, there is no money guarantee refund, there is no way that a person would ever satisfy the terms of it.

    Decide to wait for Eric to call on Monday, no call! Leave messages with Eric Rash, Shannon Tolley and Lance Yates, no returned calls…Leave messages on Tuesday and Wednesday, finally call customer service and talk to Renea…she says well you agreed to the contract with Eric…”NO, we did not” Says she will have Lance call us…no call back.

    Next day call all three people again. No answer. Call customer service, get Lacy and tell her ” We cancelled and expect a full refund within 72 hours or we will take further action” transfers us right to Shannon and he’s all apologetic after husband tells him again that we did not agree to Eric’s proposal and we cancelled. Says Eric is no longer with them or in that department….and that he will mail out a letter for us to get a full refund….yep, will believe it when I see it!….I think he is lying about Eric being gone.

    I have filed a complaint with the BBB (how can they have an A rating)? I am filing with my states attorney general and when I get that back, will file with Utah’s attorney general…if we have to hire a lawyer it will be done, this company can not continue to practice this way. Hopefully our credit card company will come through for us, but doubt that.

    In all of this we feel like idiots, we are not ones to fall for this type of scheme….the funny thing is when my husband was explaining this to me about the advertising and people clicking on the ads and you can make money….I told him, I never click on those ads…how ironic.

    It is my mission now to make anyone and everyone aware of PMI and their scamming ways!

  21. Rose June 16, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

    To say I am frustrated by the whole Stores OnLine, Electronic Marketing Services, Professional Marketing Services, Electronic Commerce International, Dynamic Payment Solutions, and a host of other SOL off-shoots that I have the good fortune not to be involved in, is an understatement. Not only the initial investment for the website that was to include training, I spent more money for advanced training; then being nickeled & dimed with ECI/DPS. I’m happy to realize that I did not sign up for more ‘opportunities.’

    Specifically with PMI, I was under the impression that the $6,695 that I paid was to launch a marketing campaign, right off the bat. Come to find out from my ‘coach’ that it takes weeks and months to happen. Meanwhile, I have to pay more money out for Google Ads PPC, write the ads, write articles – all that I thought was included in the ‘investment’ that I made up front.

    In the myebiz Affiliate LinkPower SEO info sheet it says: “It’s essential to get links, but you have to get them right way. We take care of this for you, ensuring that your site is optimized for maximum performance. We write customized content for your site and blast it across the internet. Our team also researches your competitors to find out what link sources have worked for them.” “Our specialists focus on getting high quality incoming links to your site…” “We write professional content…Just send us your website address and we’ll take care of the rest!” “We submit the content all over the internet.”

    It was quite the shock when I was told that I had to write my own copy and submit to all the free Search Engines I could find. I did give a try but after a time I became discouraged because I felt that I was not getting the service that I paid a lot of money for. On top of that, I was pressed write copy and to spend more money in Google for Pay Per Clicks. It was my impression when I was sold the PMI Program that all this was going to be covered within the $6,695.00.

    And I am not the only person who is disillusioned with what PMI promised to what was delivered. I wish I had read this review of this person’s experience before getting swooped into PMI’s Program:

    http://www.merareview.com/comments/6530 “… It’s the call we got shortly after from PMI (compliments of their affiliation with StoresOnline) that started us down the path of regret. “Let us do the marketing so you can focus on your business.” “The copy they wrote was tacky and cookie cutter. It was out of character for our products and a definite turn off for any shopper visiting our site.” “The 200 online directories they submit your websites to is done over a 12 month period. It often requires many months of patience while your sites slowly worm their way up through the search engines. Uh-oh – looks like your window of opportunity to register a dispute with you credit card has expired.”

    I have serious doubt that I would recoup my investment in six months of their program which was an initial 6 months with an additional 6 months at no charge, so essentially they offered a 12 month contract. However, I have no desire to squander my time to find out.

  22. CRJ March 30, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    My compalint with PMI – I bought a book from Anthony Morrison, next thing I know PMI called. They asked me how would I like to meet Anthony Morrison in person as one of his success stories.(lead me to believe they worked for him) I had not read the book yet, they said I didn’t need to they will teach me everything I need to know, coach me, set up website. It only cost $12,349.00. work between 5-10 a week. and make your monty back in 3-6-months. So I bought, next day decided I didn’t want it. called and a Shannon Tolley called me back days later said he would pay my charge until I was making money and if I didn’t make the $12,349.00 at the end of six months would refund the $12,349.00. Then gave my number to The Tax Club. Notified him when my charge came in and he never emailed or called me back. Never told me there was a smaller package either knowing I was on unemployment. I was Scammed by this company.

    • randolph jay June 24, 2011 at 2:42 am #

      Just wanted to tell that person who wrote on march 30, 2011 that you CAN get your money back, but not through PMI. My experiences with that joke of a company PMI are similar in nature, all of which only give further credence to the idea that these morons are also crooks! Keep getting on your credit card company about the investigation of PMI. If the card you are using is one of the major ones, they’ve all heard of PMI, so it’s not just you. You have to call your credit company quick, which I was fortunate to do, and request an investigation.

      It took a few months, but I was notified by my major credit co. fraud department that I’m not responsible for any funds.

      I see your situation, which is a little different than mine, as I decided less than 24 hours later to try to get a refund. I also got the refund policy BS.

      Don’t ask anyone any more if you can get a rebate, any one from PMI, of course, because you won’t. You’ll get every trick in the book as to why they can’t refund your money. And you’ll get more and more frustrated,

      Call your fraud divisionn of your major credit company. They really want to help. Tell them over the phone exactly what happened, why you dispute this or are changing your mind real quickly after signing.

      It may take a few months, but I’m pretty sure you won’t be responsible for the 12 grand. Good luck, ally. PMI is a joke designed to part a fool with his money, Unfortunately, in this economy it’s not really that funny, because people really want to believe this crap.

  23. Jerry E. March 8, 2011 at 10:02 am #

    Complaint against PMI and Small Biz Credit Solutions / Tax Club.

    This is the letter that was just sent to Mr.Graziosi.

    March 7th, 2011

    Mr. Dean Graziosi,

    Originally, wrote to you respectfully requesting a full refund of $ 9745.00 (At that time did not know you where possibly affiliated or for that matter, own Small Biz Credit Solutions / Tax Club)? This is what I have heard, looking into this.

    According, to Mr. Shannon Tolley (Manager at PMI) that letter was turned over by you to him with resolve to these ongoing issues since inception with your Professional Marketing International Company, in turn Mr.Tolley then contacted me.

    In short, Mr. Tolley offered a 6 month guarantee with a new coach. Being the fair man that I’m, would give this a go.

    Mr. Nathan Street (New Mentor / Coach) called and gave me my first assignment, find Buyers.

    He stated that he would not be available for 2 WEEKS (I thought, here we go again, with the same treatment I previously received with other Mentors, passing / wasting time).

    He also made a follow up appointment with me in 2 weeks Thursday March 3rd 11am.

    I did not hear from Mr. Street at 11 o’clock on the 3rd of March, so I called him. Did not answer so I left message. Approximately 45 minutes later he called and said,

    “How’s the business? What can I do for you? He acted as if HE never made an appointment and everything was just fine?

    Once again, the same run around that I had received from day one?

    I was so put out, beyond infuriated, for a split second could not see straight, just could not believe what I was hearing again, told him I cannot go through this again and would you inform Mr.Tolley and have him call me about a refund. Mr. Street later that day,called me back stating that “he walked upstairs and personally gave Mr. Tolley my message” This was on the morning of the 3rd. Did not hear back from Mr. Tolley. Left messages later on in the day on the 3rd and then Friday morning the 4th for Mr. Tolley to please call me.

    As I write, no return from Mr. Tolley. Firsthand experience for 6 months, typical of the Companies in question.

    One thing that was positive at least Mr. Street returned my call unlike ALL the others who did not, month after month.

    We are right back to where I was with PMI 6 months ago, wasting my time, 6 months of my time !

    I paid dearly for services that I have never gotten nor will never get. I no longer trust these people nor the companies and their guarantee. I will not do “so called” business with them. Have gotten nothing but a heavy dose of run around since inception with PMI, Tax Club and Small Biz Credit Solutions.

    Was online this entire weekend reading all the damage on numerous websites that PMI, Tax Club and Small Biz Credit Solutions have done to many, many unsuspecting good people. Ironically, stating identical complaints to my own. (Once again, not sure of your involvement with these Companies have just been informed by many knowledgeable sources that you are connected).

    Enough is enough.

    I do not know you but your Companies that you represent? Once again, questionable (i.e. + Small Biz Credit Solutions / Tax Club. From which I’m also requesting a refund of $ 5495.00, for same). Constantly / consistently demonstrating Less Than Poor Business Etiquette too say the LEAST and that is Unacceptable.

    Have been instructed by Authorities to give a time constraint of 10 (ten) business days for a full refund of $ 9745.00 in the form of a check sent to me (address listed below). If I do not receive full refund, within this time frame, will be forced to move forward and recover my funds through other avenues. At this time do not have enough proof that you own or are an affiliate of these other Companies in question, so I can only respectfully request the refund of the amount paid of $ 9745.00.

    Mr. Graziosi, you are being given the opportunity to do the right thing that includes refunding the $ 9745.00 and the additional $5495.00, if the shoe fits?


  24. trustnoman October 26, 2010 at 2:20 am #

    I almost lost $7,660.60 for services I never received from PMI Marketing. Initially they were not going to honor my refund request. After I contacted RipOffReport.com, thankfully, PMI Marketing finally agreed to give me a full refund. Thank you RipOff Report.com.

    • trustnoman October 26, 2010 at 2:22 am #

      Also, thanks PMI for agreeing to do the right thing. I appreciate your willingness to ensure you provide outstanding customer service.