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Tax Club and Success Planning Group Complaints

  • The Tax Club Scam July 7, 2013 reeseboone

    i was told to use their tax service , that the other tax prepers don’t know the secrets

  • Scamming the Veteran!! May 22, 2013 Anonymous

    This is the letter I sent to the Tax Club. They have offered $1000.00 refund only.

    Dear Tax Club,

    I am canceling all services with The Tax Club and would like a refund of the monies spent with The Tax Club.

    First I would like to state that I am a Disabled Military Veteran. I have not only physical disabilities, I also suffer from PTSD. I have a working dog because of my disabilities. I cannot go out into the workforce and that’s why I was looking to work from home. I made the mistake by entering my information on the work from home advertisement.
    I was first contacted by one of your many affiliates from this scam, The Paragon Academy. I have lost several thousands of dollars to this company misleading me into thinking this was a real business. Then the Tax Club called telling me that I needed services to make this business work. I have spent several thousands of dollars, believing this all to be true. I was mistaken. I have read online about the FTC lawsuit and how this scam works.
    I would like my money returned in full, If not, I will be turning over all of the information that I have linking The Tax Club with this fake news article and all of your affiliate, The Paragon Academy and the others that are using these leads, to The US Attorney General, The NY Attorney General, The FBI, The Federal Trade Commission,The Secret Service Internet Crimes Task Force and the Competition Bureau of Canada. You are in violation of Section 52.1 of the Competition Act.

    • Section 52.1 of the Competition Act is a criminal provision. It prohibits the making, or the permitting of the making, of materially false or misleading representations in promoting the supply of a product or a business interest during person-to-person telephone calls. Subsection 52.1(4) directs that the general impression conveyed by a representation, as well as its literal meaning, be taken into account when determining whether or not the representation is false or misleading in a material respect. Any person who contravenes section 52.1 is guilty of an offense and liable to a fine of up to $200,000 and/or imprisonment up to one year on summary conviction, or to fines in the discretion of the court and/or imprisonment up to 14 years upon indictment.

    I am now in debt and I cannot pay the credit card debt that you have put upon me. I have never made any money as promised by The Tax Club. I have lost a lot of money not only with The Tax Club but the expenses that I have incurred by setting up for a business. I have been misled into paying for services that were deceptive, so I would like my money back so I can get out of the debt that you have put me in.

    I had problems with my computer and lost my data but I do have the credit card transactions attached to this email.
    I will be expecting a settlement agreement and full refund of what I have spent with The Tax Club. I have added up that total at $19,601.63. I will be expecting a response by April 19, 2013.

  • Complaint against Tax Club March 21, 2013 Scott

    Looked into online marketing, and got dragged into PMG (The Focus Group) and Success Planning (used telephone # to trace to Tax Club). These people use so many business names its ridiculous.

  • Tacky Tax Club February 4, 2013 Jenelle

    I received a call in regards to being offered services for my startup internet business was given an assurance of having my best interest. Rubbish totally. Was talked into getting Product Power in order to check out the market. It was just a book that I paid $797 for. Slick talkers. I was also offered the services of My Success Planning, Business Credit Builder, All Access Books and with the promise of being there to help with making the process of building a business less stressful. The ploy is that since you are really busy trying to get yourself out there, that you need help. Success Planning was to be there to help with creating a Business plan. I have had to pay monthly fees as well as the intial fee just to have a Business Plan. I paid $29.99 a month along with the initial investment for Business Credit Builder for maintenance. Maintenance fees will drain you. It is just more and more ways for to get money out of you that is not worth it. You spend more than any profit you might try to get. They discourage any kind of entrepreneurial endeavors under the guise of being helpful.

  • No working website February 1, 2013 Pamela

    Dear Sir/madam, In July of last year I was contacted by someone from Success Planning Group and started what I thought was going to be a training and business implementation programme. I was told to purchase modules etc – modules that were necessary for me to run a business in the USA.The total spent you can see from the above is, to date, $77670.53. Working from Australia I followed their instructions to the letter.It is now February and I have no working site. There have been many excuses etc, a site rebuild and still the site does not work. I cannot add products for myself or have them add suppliers that I have found nor can anyone access the site for products. It has become almost impossible to contact anyone from this company. I understand from someone else in Australia that this company has done things like this in the past. Can you help me at all? Mainly I would like to recover any, some or all of my money.

  • tax club scam January 3, 2013 Barbara

    This started when I signed up for a cheap work at home program about 8/13/12.Then received a call from a company saying don’t do the other one, do ours. Well cost me alot. Then about 9/4/12 another company calls and said they were with the previous company. Then the horror started. The high pressure sales pitch and telling me I needed all this to be in business and be legal with the IRS. The only time I would hear from them was when they wanted more money. After that it was difficult or impossible to talk to any one. The fact that there were so many companies envolved had me so confused.
    They promised all and gave nothing. They over charged my credit card which had us trying to come up with $5,000 extra to avoid over charge fees and bad credit. It has been an emotional, physical, mental and a large financial drain because we had to refinance our house to pay off the charge card. Their reply was “at least you have income coming in” Yeah, social security!!!!!These companies do not even reply to emails most of the time. I did not need any of these things, now I find out. Please check out companies with sources before you do any business with anyone. First came confusion then anger, high stress and financial dificulties. This is what we all feel when taken advantaged of. I have decided to take action and try to get my life back to where I can sleep at night. It has happened to alot of us and this is so very unfortunate. I have more to say, but the anger is just to much.

  • Tax Club Scam & Rip off December 19, 2012 ryon

    If you feel like you were scammed by the Tax Club, please contact us to file a complaintI was contacted by the Tax Club after signing up with the Coaching Department. They kept telling me I needed to purchase products from them, that were not provided under my Coaching Department contract, in order to be successful on the internet. Thy told me they already knew what I had purchased from the Coaching Department and therefore knew what additional products I would need. I was also assured their products would easily link to and work with my website. They told me they often worked with the Coaching Department and their would be no issues. I ended up receiving phone calls by 2 or 3 individuals who claimed to be my account manager. Each one assured me I had everything I would need for my business, then the next one would tell me I needed something more. I questioned them on this and they promised they would put in my file “no more sells calls”. This never happened. I continued to receive sells calls until I canceled. Before I tried to resolve my dispute through my credit cards, I tried to obtain a refund from the Tax Club. They kept shifting my account to different so called managers. They all shifted me to someone else. Currently no one will answer my phone calls, respond to my emails, or respond to a voice mail  I think they must have caller ID and are avoiding me. By the time I made my purchases from the Tax Club I was already growing worried about my experience with the Coaching Department. My account manager promised me if things did not go well he would refund my money no questions asked at any time. Once I tried to obtained a refund, he no longer seemed to have the authority to make a refund and would have to talk to his boss. I am still waiting for a response and I attempted this on August 31, 2013. As with the Coaching Department, the Tax Club kept selling me products that I was informed I needed and the sells contract had items that I had already purchased contained within that sells contract. Basically, they were double ad triple selling me products. As of Today, December 19, 2012, I have yet to receive any of the products I have purchased, yet receive a conformation of cancellation, and yet to speak with a representative since August 31, 2012.

  • Tax Club – Success Planning Group Scam October 17, 2012 Anonymous

    I can relate to your dilemma. I also am out approximately $35,000 if you add the high interest charges and the credit card payments. I have lost so much sleep over this that I am at my wits end. I don’t know what to do and I may go broke if it continues. It took them 5 months to design the website and all the other services that were paid for…..I don’t have anything to show for them…. They omitted the merchant v card and the consumer seal; they used less that high tech programs so that now I can’t operate properly through my drop shipper. I would have to transfer orders manually each time one is placed (if that ever happens). They don’t offer any follow-up help and I’m stuck with a site that isn’t even generating income. I don’t know why I followed it through as long as I did because it didn’t do me any good. I started in Dec. 2012 and have been having trouble with them all the way through. I ended up blocking my credit cards myself so that they wouldn’t charge me any more.
    It happened just like the other testimonials where you were approached by a high pressure salesman right after I signed up with my training program. They lied and said they were affiliated with them and each time you talked to them it was a constant…. I want more money issue. When you’ve already invested that much into it, it’s hard not to continue with it and so you feel so pressured. I’m just over breast cancer, my husband has been very ill and I have no idea how I’m going to get through this. I am so stressed that this could cause the illness to come back.
    So have you tried to get your money back? I’m still paying a quarterly fee of $99 for Access Books and I don’t even have any books to keep at this point. I give up!
    Sick and hard pressed in Ontario!

  • Tax Club Scam September 21, 2012 Marie

    My experience begins in October 2009 when in search of a online business I was contacted by ‘achieve technologies’. They offered for the price of $3795.00 full online business set up with coaching and full assistance for a year.
    When I enquired about the year, they said yes, for the full 52 weeks. This was a lie, because after the coaching sessions ( I had eight, November 2009 – January 2010) ended, I couldn’t get in contact with anyone.

    Acheive Technologies stated that if I did not make my investment back in the first 6 months, they would refund me the full amount. Everytime I rang, I was told that I needed to be transferred to the accounts department. No one ever picked up the phone, I left messages but no one ever contacted me.

    A few weeks after signing I was contacted by The Tax Club. They possess very strong sales techniques to say the least, and the persuasive factor they used with me was fear.

    They asked, do you have a house, do you have a family etc, how would you feel if all of this was taken away? “This is what could happen if your business is not protected by LLC”. This is NOT a direct quote, but extremely similar.

    They then dressed it up very nicely, firmly stating that I could claim all of the start up costs, plus ongoing costs on my Australian tax return. As I pay a lot of tax, this seemed a “win-win” situation for me. This is a lie, you can’t claim Tax Club costs/expenses on an Australian Tax return.

    I signed up for the corporate package $3500 and $49.95 per month. This would include access to my own personal accountant and monthly contacts to keep my records up to date. This also includes a Binder to keep records. This I did receive.

    I was also received a call from ACCESS Bookkeeping a few weeks later. The heavy handed salesman kept stating that as I was not a US citizen, what did I know about American Tax Law, and I was in danger of breaching said laws. Once again I was in fear, so I was ‘persuaded’ to spend $2995.00 upfront, plus $89.95 per quarter.

    Access to my personal accountant is dubious, despite constant emails especially early, I have not been able to get in contact. I suspect he actually doesn’t work there anymore and no one has bothered to inform me.
    As for the monthly contacts to keep my records in order I wasn’t contacted EVER in the first 12 months. Then I was sent an email from “my corporate pro” which requires you to login to record your expenses/dealings etc. I was never able to open this, and despite emails to alert the tax club to this, I was never ONCE contacted to be given access.

    My access bookkeeping package included contact monthly by a person in bookkeeping who would ensure my ‘accounts’ were kept up to date and impeccable. I didn’t receive a single phone call from access bookkeeping in the first 12 months.

    I finally received a contact after leaving negative feedback on their contact page. I then did receive some service from a bookkeeper who did contact me over a period of a month and my tax return was lodged. Then nothing again until October 2011 have I got my records for the entire financial year. I sent them off, there is no word. In the new year, I received another email, my tax return is imminent. I once again sent emails containing tax information, and this time received a phone call from the consultant receiving the emails who said receiving these emails was crucial to meeting my tax obligations. I then said that my business had ended and all i was doing was ensuring that my tax lodgement obligations to the IRS have been met and I could ‘move on’. She then stated that I have an extension and not to rush as I could send my statements at any time.

    Then I got sent an email requesting what tax return lodgement ‘thingy’ I want to PURCHASE! This finally got me really angry. I realised that they can’t take enough money from you. I sent back an angry email firstly to the ‘poor accountant’ (she only works there), demanding “what do you mean how much will I spend, I’ve paid enough already and for nothing!” No response! I then left another terse message on feedback and suddenly I have a reply from Jessica S. She states firmly that tax lodgement is in your first year and any subsequent tax returns have to be paid for.

    As stated I’m now angry! I reply with “I want all my money back for all the corporate contributions including the start up costs because I have not received ANY service for which I have paid”. I receive a response that says, did I ever contact the provided phone number for ‘my corporate pro”? I resonded with did anyone contact me about my email? I’m the customer, I live in a different time zone, email is generally the best option.

    Finally, my accounts are suspended because my expiry dates on my credit card ran out. Still ‘fearing’ the IRS I called in July 2012 to update my credit card details for Access Bookkeeping ONLY. When I called at 5.00am my time, I firmly stated that only payments to Access Bookkeeping were allowed. On 21st August 2012 they deducted $49.95 for corporate fees.

    I immediately contacted them first by email and eventually by phone to advise this was an unlawful deducation as I had not authorised this and the amount of$49.95 was returned. I asked for my corporate service to be cancelled.

    As I had paid my Access Bookkeeping fees I continued to send emails to the consultant who had been in touch to finalise my tax return for the 2011 financial year. Her email stated that as I had cancelled with the Tax Club mid August, she has no responsibility to lodge my tax return.

    I have contacted a CSO at IRS who informs me I have no obligation to lodge a tax return for that financial year.

    This was only this week, Tuesday in fact. I felt sick that day at work, I realised I’ve been totally scammed from Day 1.

    I finally come home and type in ‘tax club scams’! Wow! As one correspondent states “how do they sleep at night”? I don’t know, but I know I’ve been well and truly scammed, and I’m NOT happY!!!!!!!

    I feel this a very ‘crude’ response, as I don’t usually deal with people of such ‘ethics’, and have never before. I also haven’t edited it.

    I also don’t know whether non US citizens are assisted???

  • Tax Club Complaint & Rip off September 4, 2012 steve A

    My involvement with the Tax Club began after I signed up with Meridian Consulting Online. I can honestly say I have never dealt with a more unethical company in my life. No one at the Tax Club knows the meaning of the words Total Disclosure. I feel that this company takes advantage of first-time business owners and rips them off big time! The environment at the Tax Club is one of high-pressure sales and deception. They specialize in selling you products that are way overpriced and that you don’t need. These guys already have your financial information, credit card numbers etc. that you used in a previous transaction. In fact the first thing they ask you is HOW IS YOUR CREDIT? Is it good or bad? Even if you tell them you don’t think you have enough room on a card for the transaction, the usual response is, “let’s just see if it will go through”, and zing they run your card. It is obvious that, since they already have your credit card numbers, they are all setup in there computer and the transaction is ready to run before they even call you! Very high pressure sales, and no one there is really interested in helping you, they just want to get to the Credit Card!!

    I signed with Meridian Consulting Online, and later that evening I received a call from Joe with the Tax Club. These guys come on very slick telling you that the Tax Club is a rock solid company, has been around for X number of years and is on the 50th floor of the Empire State Building. They stress very strongly that the TAX CLUB is the ONLY organization ON THIS PLANET that can help you set up a successful business. Joe M proceeded to tell me about all the great benefits of doing business with the Tax Club and all the services that would be provide for me by SUCCESS ONLINE and MY ESSENTIAL PLANS. These included: (1) A 35–40 page Business plan, EIDN #, Executive Summary, Web Site, Drop shippers, and Financial Highlights; (2) A Sales Forecast, Year 1 Financial Highlights, Break Even Analysis, Year 1 Income Statement; (3) Year 1 Statement of Cash Flow, Predicted 5 Year Financial, Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Statements; (4) Marketing Plan, Google Add Words, Google Analytics’, Social Networking, Conversion Optimization, and Conversion Funnel. Of course this would all include Corporate setup, Lifetime Business Plan Revisions, Unlimited Consulting, and Product Power Target Market Analysis Report. During this whole presentation I was wondering HOW MUCH IS IT GOING TO COST! The figure he gave me was $5490.00. Not at any time did Joe say it was going to cost me any additional funds to have a complete business set up for me, sounded good, and as it turned out TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Then I was set-up for my weekly “coaching calls”. I was also told I could call at any time and ask the coaching staff questions, this turned out to be a lie as well. Every time I called I was told I couldn’t speak with a member of the staff because it was not my scheduled appointment day. Also the Tax Club only operates on their schedule and has no regard for anyone else. Of course the Tax Club is based in New York, Eastern Time. If you ask them to call you at a certain time, there is after all a 3 hour difference between New York and California, to make it easier for you to take the call; they persist in calling when it is convenient for then without any concern for you.

    Then it’s time for my first coaching call. This time it is Allen M on the call, I did not know it at the time, but Allen was not a coach…he is a salesman! In fact I never got to speak with a program coach; all I ever spoke to was the sales staff. Allen then proceeded to start telling me I would definitely need full service bookkeeping services provided by ALL ACCESS BOOKS and SMALL BUISNESS CREDIT. The services advertised were: Credit card statements, Bank statements, Cash receipts—if applicable, Balance & Loss, Access to ALL ACCESS BOOKS website, Book keeping once a month, Quarterly filing of sales tax, Corporate branding (by iKONGO), and yearly Corporate Tax Return Filing. Total cost—$8585.00, with $90.00 reoccurring charge every 90 days. This is all included for the life of the company of course.

    This cycle of calls just goes on and on every week it’s just another salesman selling you a new product, never any real coaching. Then the next call is for website TRUST SHIELD, and a MERCHANT ACCOUNT. Then comes the website cost, initially $4000.00, and then when I said I couldn’t afford that, it was miraculously discounted to $1997.00. Next was website design and business cards by iKONGO, cost–$895.00, and Small Business Credit. Finally the last call was for the website marketing plan, and I didn’t even have a website setup yet! The cost—$4000.00!! That’s when I pulled the plug. Grand Total they got from me is 17,861.00!!

    This all started on February 23th 2012 and I terminated services on March 28 2012, that’s only 34 days. Now when the Tax Club is getting money from you everything is peaches and cream, however, when the money stops flowing all of a sudden they don’t want to talk to you anymore, and heaven forbid you do the unthinkable and CANCLE! Then I get the call from Christi in the cancelation department. She proceeded to leave me a message in a condescending tone that my requests have been received. When I returned her call I asked when I would be getting my refund, and I was past the 15 day deadline to receive a refund minus 15%. I listened in amazement as Christi told me, in the same condescending tone; I would not get a refund on most of the products because they had “performed services for me”! My response was, “what services, my account has only been active for 34 days”! Yes I did receive the Product Power report, a canned document that contained very general information which is readily available on the internet, and my EIDN # which I can get from the IRS for free. I did also receive the corporate formation documents, just copies of the documents available on the state site, again available to the public for free. I was sent a business card design from IKONGO, but it was very basic. I was also told WEBSITE PROGRAMING had been performed. I asked how that could have happened without any input from me the customer…ME! I had not filled out the questionnaire for iKONGO for this purpose, because I HAD NOT DECIDEDED WHAT PRODUCTS I WOULD BE SELLING YET!! A web designer needs to know that before Fonts, Colors and such can be chosen for website design. I was to get a partial refund only; I did meet the 15 day deadline on only a few products: those amounts were $ 590.15, $1697.45, and $1100.75. I was sent the refund request statements specifying these amounts, I signed and returned them all, but did not get the refund they promised me. I only received a check for $950.75 and my credit card was reimbursed $1000.00 and that is all!! As I stated above they did send me the Product Power and the Corporate Documents, and business card design to review, but the Tax Club ABSOLUTLY DID NOT PERFORM $15,910.25 dollars’ worth of services to me in 34 days!!!!!!!!! They didn’t even do a tax return for me! I had not incorporated yet, and there were no expenses to enter in bookkeeping either. Over the course of 34 days all the TAX CLUB did was take money from me and all I received in the process was grief, high pressure sales tactics, and a condescending attitude. My strong advice to anyone who might read this is to STAY AWAY FROM THE TAX CLUB. There are many reputable organizations out there to help you start a business; you do not need the Tax Club!!!!

    Best Regards, Have a good day

  • tax club scam August 8, 2012 Tony

    i have paid several thousand dollars to the tax club and many other companies , and none of there email address are severable and false telephone numbers .

  • The Tax Club Scam July 17, 2012 Johanna

    We signed up with UWC Corp. for training to build an online business. This cost us >$8000. Bit by bit was added with the necessary pressure to commit. We started the training which was offered by professionals and we were satisfied.

    Then on Thursday, July 12, approx. 8 weeks after signing up we had a call fro The Tax Club with high pressure to get the business set up and arrange for taxes in the future. This cost $4,785 to be charged to our credit card. Saturday we called the phone numbers supplied, with no success. We left a phone message and also sent an e-mail to their client support e- address. I copied Customer services at UWC. We said we wanted to cancel and get out of ths as we did not need it at this time while still in training. We had calls from both UWC and The Tax Club. We were adament to terminate all of this since it was less than 3 days when we sent the first e-mail. We did not log onto the website they urged us to do since we did not agree to sign the Terms and Conditions required.

    Today( Tuesday) we got an e-mail from The Tax Club, saying that our account was cancelled and also that $895 was refunded to our credit card. What about the rest of the money – $3,890? We are furious, to say the least!

    We do not have any more money to hire a lawyer either.

  • Completely unprofessional July 13, 2012 Ray

    Last December I signed up for some internet coaching with Independent Financial Co. One of the services they offered was a free tax consultation.
    About a month later I received a call from The Tax club. It turned out to be a high pressure sales call. Unfortunately I finally agreed to purchase their tax package.
    A number of phone appointments were made.
    Generally no specific reason for the upcoming call was given. If anything the inference was that the call would relate to a package I had already purchased.
    On a number of occasions the call turned out be a hard sell sales call for a “must have” package if I was to succeed online. Several of these calls lasted over half an hour until I agreed to make the purchase. In two instances The Tax Club arranged loans for me to enable me to pay them the full purchase price.
    Having found myself less than satisfied with the service I researched online for similar services. I was amazed at how much cheaper similar services could be purchased for.
    I found The Tax Club services to be very unprofessional. There have been several instances were I have sent emails advising of errors in their work. I was astounded to see that when the work was resubmitted back to me errors still existed.
    The sales tactics used (staying on line until the sale was made) made normal due diligence impossible. Obviously, this in its own right should have served as a very strong warning to have steered clear of The Tax Club

  • The Tax Club Complaint July 11, 2012 Antonia

    The Tax Club got my number from Storesonline. They said my customers wouldn’t take me seriously unless I was an S Corp. If I set up my company as a Sole Proprietor then I wouldn’t be perceived as professional. They sent a very generic Business Plan and Tax Plan. They charged me every month $41.99. The guy Anthony is the person who called. He was obnoxious and rude. Very forceful. I feel his phone presentation was lacking in the truth and I would have been fine as a sole proprietor. They would call every couple of weeks and ask if I had any questions. I would say to them, what kind of questions should I have. I have no product to sell and no web site. This went on for weeks. Then I said, don’t you read your notes from previous calls before you call me? I felt each phone call was a way to check the box. They stopped calling. So I have been paying $41.99 for all these months for NO service.

  • Never Trust The Tax Club June 15, 2012 Nicholas

    I had hoped to earn a lot of money from running my own online store with the help of Elite World Systems. They taught me good things about e-commerce, but then The Tax Club wanted me to invest in my internet business and pay for some services to keep it going. The big problem was that they were demanding thousands of dollars from me every week, sucking my bank accounts bone dry, and what was offered barely led to giving my site better results. I’ve been working with Elite World Systems since March and started investments with the Tax Club last month and still not a single person has ever bought anything off of the page I designed for making revenue.

  • The Tax Club found in Breach of Contract May 10, 2012 Emily

    scam, rip off, complaints, review, pmi scam, tax club scam, pmi complaintSeptember 21, 2011 was my first contact with The Tax Club; Mike Fino called me from the Success Planning Group (a department of The Tax Club) and stated he wanted to help me get my business off the ground in time for me to get some of the Christmas shoppers’ money. I asked Mr. Fino if his company was affiliated with Ecommerce (my website training company). He replied that he did work with Ecommerce clients to get their businesses started. That same day, September 21st, Dean Graziosi called me and repeated most of what Mr. Fino had said. October 19, 2011, Andrey, an employee of The Tax Club, called and also stated that he was ready to help me get my business up and running so that I could begin making money very soon.
    Trusting that Mike Fino had been sincere in his statement to have me in business soon enough to get some of the Christmas shoppers’ money, I agreed to buy products from The Tax Club for a business plan, a consumer trust seal, product power, a website build, logo + list builder. The total for these products was $18,011.
    During his sales pitch September 21st, Mr. Fino went into great detail regarding the need for corporate credit. According to him, it would take 3-4 weeks for credit application and a loan. After the loan was approved, all interest charged as a result of business upstart expenses would be tax deductible. This made sense to me, so I purchased The Tax Club’s Business Credit Builder product for $4,295. What Mr. Fino failed to state was that my business would have to be making income in order for me to apply for corporate credit without spending more money. Since my website is not functioning, I have made no money and could not claim any of the interest I paid in 2011 on my income tax return or be approved for corporate credit.
    October 25, 2011, Derek Thompson, the coach assigned to me by The Tax Club, asked for $10,000 for business resources; October 31st he asked for another $13,950 for business resources; and again December 5th he asked for $13,000 for business resources. When I asked him what specific products this $36,950 was buying, he mentioned a video and a copy right. Also, Derek set up accounts for me for face book and twitter.
    March 28, 2012, I received an email that my website was live. Although I completed the content brief Derek forwarded to me for website building, the name of my business is not on the home page (landing page) of my website. The designer used “Holland Items” which is my LLC name, and not “doggiecomplete.com, my business name. My consumer trust seal is absent, my logo is absent, and there is no video. The keyword search box is hidden under the shopping cart box, so that one must click on the shopping cart before he can type in a product name to search. I immediately email Derek regarding these omissions. March 30th Derek and I discussed the above website problems and he supposedly made a list of these to work on. April 4th Derek and I worked again so that he could instruct me on making change from the website “back end” (a website building term). I viewed my website, doggiecomplete.com, today (May 10, 2012,) and none of the changes Derek and I discussed March 30 have been made.
    From October 19, 2011 to March 28, 2012 is 128 working days; and I know that websites can be built in 90, 45 or even 30 days. The length of time taken to build my website far exceeds the time frame indicated by Mike Fino, Dean Graziosi and Andrey. Also I contend the absence of the items listed in the above paragraph constitutes breach of contract. I won’t even mention the stress and financial burden I have dealt with waiting for my website to start making money.

  • Tax Club Rip off April 28, 2012 Yolanda

    Complete misrepresentation of services told by Mike Chahalis. I was charged $34.95/mo in addition to a start-up fee of $1890 for a total of $2309.40. No direct services were done for me. Not even an income tax form filed. This was a total scam, as a IRS Residence Agent.

  1. Jon Bourne March 14, 2013 at 11:04 pm #

    The Tax Club notified us that Emily who posted her complaint on 5/10/2012 and Steve who posted his complaint on 9/4/2012 were resolved. We’ve contacted both Emily and Steve and have confirmed.

  2. Jon Bourne February 13, 2013 at 8:37 am #

    The Tax Club notified us that Barb who posted her complaint on 1/3/2013 was resolved. We’ve contacted Barb and confirmed.

  3. Bridget May 11, 2012 at 7:54 pm #

    The man who “heads” iKongo is himself in trouble for tax fraud. The company was “closed” for tax reasons, along with Lefty Central and a few other fraudulent companies. He can talk and talk and talk, but it is all hot air. He has been scamming people for years.

  4. GJF May 7, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

    For us it all started on November 9, 2011. The tax club or what ever you want to call them contacted us in regards of an annual product power report and a fasttrack seo. In one day it cost us nearly $4,000. It did not stop there. They continued to call with different products saying it is all tax deductable. After a few months and wiping us out they finally slowed down on calling. Every time we try to call them to find out about anything we have purchased we get the run around. The biggest one is about the web site they were having built for us. They started in on it on December 7, 2011. The first round of previews came around in less than a week. That was the quickest for anything for them, but since then they have not made any of changes I had put in for. What’s worse is that it is now May 2012 and they still don’t have it completed or made any changes. All together they have cost us about $35,000. We have nothing to show for it all.

    • MK May 8, 2012 at 7:41 pm #

      This makes me so angry!!! Will you be able to get your money back?

  5. dmorrill March 22, 2012 at 7:36 pm #

    I can see I’m not the only one that got the knife in the back from the Tax Club.It started w Pmi and Dean Graziosi(9,000.00).I received a follow up phone call from the Tax Club explaining how valuable there tax organizer plan was(4800.00).Then a week later w (6,000.00) for credit coaching and business planning.Oh yeah this was a new real estate business I had never done.Even w all these start up costs I was reassured it was all tax deductable 10k start up and 10k organization fees and costs.That this was not a % of deductions but actual money I would get back,can’t loose right?Wrong when it was time to collect apparantly none of that was accurate,but the acct.told me he was sorry they told u that.I explaned that the they was them.Didn’t matter, even when I managed to set up a conf.call w my sales rep and acct to clearify the10k amount,the sales rep got fired or quit the day of.Still have the e mail.Never got anywhere w business loans w credit coaching because they forgot to mention the 12% off the loan amount for there hard work.So far 20 k out the window.I feel so stupid for falling for the sales tactics of The Tax Club.Theres much more, thats just a sample of my nightmare..

    • MK May 7, 2012 at 8:05 pm #

      I am just sickened to read so many of your stories. I, too, have been living a nightmare with The Tax Club. I am not usually the type of person to get talked into things like this ESPECIALLY when it comes to giving out my credit card info. I have been scammed for more than 20k. I just read everyone else’s complaints and it is the SAME as mine. This is just sick and wrong. These guys are smooth talkers!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nna G February 18, 2012 at 6:56 pm #

    The Tax Club got me to the tune of $6978.65. These businesses needd to be shut down and never to be opened again.

  7. Roger Veness January 25, 2012 at 3:40 am #

    I’m glad I googled Tax Club Scams as I have started building a website through Elite World Systems (who seem to be legit) and was contacted out of the blue by Anthony Woods from the Tax Club. He went through a long speil about setting up a LLC company in US and indicated that they they would organise EIN and do it all for me. After giving me a number of tips on how to limit my tax and indicating that they have a team of accountants accessible 24/7 he came to the cost around $8800 set up and low monthly fee of $56 per month and that I could use my personal credit card to pay. However I should get a 0% credit card in the business name and all my “investment” costs are tax deduction and wanted my C Card number.
    When I said I wanted to think about it he indicated that I should do it straight away. I could hear other voices in the background and as I have been scammed before I declined and he quickly ended the call.
    I dialled the phone number that had come up on my mobile and got “the number you have dialled is not in use”

    That is when I decided to google Tax Club and thanks to you poor people I have saved my skin.

    I will be reporting this to our local regulating authority, ASIC, to warn others. My suggestion to you who have been scammed is to get on to the US company regulator, I think it is SEC, the sooner the better and more chance you have in getting some of your funds back.

    Good luck!!

  8. mustafa abuelgasim January 16, 2012 at 11:59 am #

    Dispute with The Tax Club and Affiliates.

    On 06/22/2011 I signed up with a corp to show me how to conduct ecommerce and
    and paid them $12,000 . Corp name: Monetary Consulting in Utah.
    I received numerous calls after signing. A gentleman from what is called The Tax Club
    went ahead to show me by phone how they are going to help me with my new business.
    They were not introduced to me by the corp that I signed with but I assumed they were
    I paid the tax club approx. $ 4,100 to prepare my taxes later and to manage my bookkeeping.
    On 09/07/11 E.O. contacted me from the same phone number (18668027615) and offered to build me a web site in 4 days if I paid them $9,000. He said I could pay $7,000 immediately and mail him a cheque for the balance of $ 2,000. As I have paid them already 12,000 they knew that there was not enough allowed for in my credit card so they asked me for a different credit card. I gave them a different credit card to try it. But they could not be charged $ 7,000 on because it was over my allowed limit.
    I told the guy (his initials are E.O.) to wait until I contact my bank to increase the limit on the card. I was not able to talk to my bank on the 8th and the 9th and Eric did not call to see what I did to finish my payment (Note: He said and wrote in an email that they will start building my website AFTER I finish paying the amount agreed upon.
    Then I went to visit my family for the weekend and discussed the matter with my wife and children and they thought it was a bad idea and that i am just starting to learn how to do it with the people I signed with at first so why would I divide my attention on two websites.
    On Monday the 12th of Sep. 2011 I sent an email to Eric telling him that I do not want to finish this transaction and that I am cancelling everything for now. He did not respond to my email but on that same day I received a document by email to sign for the service. I refused and cancelled the transaction and got a automatic email telling me that a refund will be paid in 10 business days. I then checked my credit card to find that they already went ahead and charged $ 4,000 on it. Then they stopped calling and I noticed that the people who used to call me almost twice a day have vanished and were no longer willing to communicate with me.
    Finally and because of my repeated calls I got a call from a lady who said she was from “Internet or Website Service” (1866 840 1829). She told me in a rude way that I could not cancel because “services were rendered”. I told her that I have not finalized my payment and have not authorized the $ 4,000 they have charged on me and that I am entitled to cancel even if i had signed. But I had not even signed for the transaction.
    They (Internet Service) do not have on their side any document signed by me concerning building a web site. I don’t even have a url for this alleged site.
    Their official web site (www.myonlineessentials.com) has a cancellation policy that allows for cancellation within three days AFTER signing a transaction. And when I got
    the document to sign, which would be the first day of the transaction, I declined to sign it.
    Ever since the 7th of Sept. I kept calling and leaving messages about getting my refund. Then I started to leave them messages asking for a conflict resolution and whether they have any
    type of arbitration or dispute resolving body that I could resort to but to no avail. They would not even answer my calls at all.
    Internet Service (www.myonlineessentials.com) is hard to tell from the Tax Club and the company that referred me to them (Monetary Consulting of Utah) did not introduce them to me. So together with the Tax Club which in its turn passed me on to Internet Service, they are either one and the same corp. Or they work in unison and might be just affiliates.
    Internt Service breached their own cancellation policy found at the bottom of their web site.
    According to that policy you can cancel any transaction within 3 days AFTER signing it.
    They charged my credit card 4,000 without authorization and when I cancelled the agreement document sent to me by email I did this well within that grace period. Yet they refused to refund back my money. I did not even finish my payments for that transaction which they stated will not start until after I pay in full the amount of 9,000 for building a web site.
    I am not only worried about the money that they took from me in return for nothing.
    I am also worried about the lack of three important attributes for which they should not have been licensed to practice business and these are professionalism,
    transparency and accessibility.
    The persons I spoke to are below with their phones or extensions.
    I wrote this letter on my own without help from anybody.
    All these names were calling me, at times, more than once a day. They all disappeared when I told them I wanted a refund.
    Bear in my I have paid them over 16,000 to start a business.
    I specifically want to return the $ 4,000 as an initial step to retrieve whatever I can in
    the near future.
    I am a responsible man and the bread winner for a family of six. I pay for my children to go to college and I pay for my mortgage and over-work to earn my living. I thought I would find a way to increase my income and also to build a business to last.
    I look forward to your kind help to resolve this dispute.
    Thanks and Regards

  9. Mark N January 9, 2012 at 4:04 am #

    My Story is the same as the Others! They got about $7,500 of my Hard earned money.When they would not Refund my Money I asked them How they could possibly live with themselves and deceive So Many Honest people out of their money? How can you work for a RIP OFF Tax Club? They of coarse Hung up on me! I will fight to the End with these people to get My money Returned. PS: I would have stayed with them and they could have made more money from me if they had delivered on their Promises! I Realize now that is Impossible!

  10. Rayna December 17, 2011 at 1:25 am #

    They got me too. About 10K later, I’ve nothing to show for it except debt. No reply to emails. Hard to believe a company can possibly operate that way.

  11. Liz December 5, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    I have been a victim of a Business Opportunity Fraud. I cannot believe I was sucked into it; however, I wanted to supplement our income to help my husband and I get out of debt. This scheme however put me in so much debt I will have to work double hard to get us out of it.
    On or around May 27, 2011, I signed up with a company/companies from Utah and New York to teach me how to set up an e-commerce business and work from home. To be honest, I’m not really sure what the actual name of the company is, but these are several of the names that surfaced from the emails received, agreements and the name that came through on my Credit Cards.
    ***The Success Team aka The Summit Group, The Tax Club, Strategic Business Solutions, Focus Learning Center aka Thrive Learning Institute

    I had a phone “interview” to find out if I would qualify to join the company. Well, I qualified. During the phone interview I was told that they would teach me how to set up a web-site, find products to sell on it, find suppliers, learn marketing strategies, and have one on one coaching for the first 20 weeks, then I would be put on a re-active phase for 20 weeks where I could contact my coaches anytime by email and live chat. While I was setting up my web business I would learn how to sell on E-bay to help me get started financially. Well, I learned how to sell on E-bay but the coach never went beyond selling on E-bay. It is now December 5, 2011 and I have no idea how to set up a website and haven’t finished more than 28% of the teaching program. I honestly thought that I would be at least 50% through the program when I was finished with the one-on-one coaching. Within a few weeks of starting the training, I was set up for phone appointments by “The Tax Club” when the salesperson would tell me I needed their services to “give me what I need to successfully operate my business”… web site building, consumer trust, Traffic driver, corporate credit building, logo, research, tax consultation and marketing etc. ~ I never talked to the same person twice, but I have all their names and contact information written down. So I bought into those services as well. I never received the above services. They did work through part of the corporate credit building until they told me it would cost 12% of the amount of credit limit I was approved for. I told them I cannot afford to pay that amount. I AM NOT MAKING ANY MONEY….. I haven’t gotten a call since. I have called the company to work with them, but they do not answer the phones and when I leave a message, they do not call back. I wish I would have seen the warning signs sooner, but I was so excited to be starting a home based on-line business, I was blinded. These companies were not honest with me. They said if I spend between 10 and 15 hours a week that would suffice to get my business started. I worked weeks from 9a.m until late at night and worked weekends trying to do all that was required of me. When I asked questions they really didn’t have answers. It appears as if “The Tax Club” and “Strategic Business Solutions” and “Excel” disappeared. I have not been able to contact them. Every time I try calling it goes to voicemail and no returned calls. These companies and the many names they go by are a fraud. They do not follow through with what was promised. If I paid over 14k for a 40 week training and learn how to set up a website, common sense would tell me that I should be half way through the program and start making money. That NEVER happened. Because I spent so much money I decided I need to keep going so that I will eventually make the money I was promised. Red flags were raised when I was asking for more information on how to do something and I kept getting a “run around” and no one knew the answer. It was then that I decided to check the internet for others that may have succeeded. My eyes were opened rather quickly when I came across many sites that had complaints about the “Thrive Learning Institute” or “Focus Learning Center”. (I believe they changed the name)
    I have been scammed out of THOUSANDS of dollars by these companies and I am requesting my money back in TOTAL. There appears to be a huge tight web built by these companies and certain individuals. Help!! Where do I go from here? I am in the process of contacting the credit card companies, Government agencies, and writing a letter to THE TAX CLUB.
    For those of you who are contemplating signing up with any of these companies. They will get money out of your credit card and disappear. Stay clear!

  12. gerry g October 6, 2011 at 11:42 am #

    Despite all their promises they have not been actioned, I feel I have given then enough time to sort out their service and they have not delivered. However they did agree to waive their monthly fee for the first 12 months.
    I have been contacted by several different consultants and in most case they missed their appointed call time and did not take me forward with anything
    One of them verbally promised he would send me some stuff 2 weeks ago by email. I sent him a reminder last week 2 days before the call time. Nothing has arrived and they have now missed 2 further call times
    They are doing webinars but only around 20:00 eastern which is pretty grim from me as I am on BST

    Jon please help me take the appropriate action to get my joining fee of $3890 recovered

  13. RLS August 30, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    I am angry but mostly embarrassed that I could be tricked into giving away my hard earned money. Fast talking salesmen from the Tax Club talked me into spending $5,192.00 for a lifetime membership for services I was led to believe were vital when owning a business. I also paid $4,495.00 for startup of the corporation with a quarterly retainer fee of $99.00. I received a call from a representative of the Traffic Launcher who informed me there would be a charge to activate those services. At that point, I refused the service and cancelled the call. I have since cancelled the AllAccessBooks membership which stopped the $99.00 quarterly payments.
    I found this website, read that I wasn’t the only one who got ‘duped’, and have asked Jon to help me get a refund. Look for my success story soon!

    • Nicholas Randitsas August 13, 2012 at 3:11 pm #

      I am real pist off with this comppanies that they scam people like us to fating ther pockets with , I wish that the gov do somthing withat people . They drag the econamy down yes they took me for about $50,000

  14. Ruth August 14, 2011 at 4:01 pm #

    I too was duped by The Tax Club. They sucked $5,188.00 from me and all I got was a business plan. When I went to activate other services that I thought I had already paid for, there were additional charges that had not been revealed to me.

    What can a person do to get some or all of these funds back?

    • mjustified August 17, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

      Hi Ruth – I got taken by this company and thanks to Utah Consumer Advocate, Jon was able to help me get ALMOST ALL of my money back! Please contact me if you would like to and I will explain my situation and tell you about how Jon helped me so much. The best part is you don’t pay a cent until you obtain some sort of a refund. My e-mail is MJustified@gmail.com.

  15. MP July 1, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    I was so scammed by PMI, the Tax Club & Corporate Credit. All of what you said has happened to me as well and I am at the end of my rope!! I feel sooooo stupid to be taken advantage of like this & I am so upset that they managed to TAKE our hard earned money (I am unemployed after being fired from my job of 26 years, have 3 kids, a home a husband and a sick elderly mother that I care for). I was so vulnerable at the time to try to get my life back on track that I pretty much fell for anything. I am on a mission to get this money back. Any suggestions!! I have pretty much tried everything I can think of so far. I am willing to hire a contingency attorney just to receive a portion of my money back rather than to see these rats keep it!!! Any help would be appreciated.

  16. JRC March 30, 2011 at 10:35 am #

    I list this company uner other as I really don’t know what they go by. It’s listed on my charge are website services, But nothing listed on BBB for this name. Contacted the Tax club they didn’t know who I was talking about (my account manger as he said he was). The account manager when he called implied he was with the tax company as he could review everything I had purschased so far with both PMI and the The Tax Club. He said his job was to be sure I had everything I needed to be successful. He said I needed to advertize before my website was up so people will look for it. Sold me a program so I could advertize on facebook, twitter and get email list too. Cost for this $8,500. which I put part on a different charge and cash for the balance. Again he knew I was unemployed, and worried about how I was going to make the payments until I was making money. His reply don’t worry about it, taxdeductible, You have to spend money to make money. So now I have two charges maxed out. He was to train me to use the product I purchased from him, He walked me thorugh it once, told me to practice and he would call me back the next day. Well I tried to get back into it and couldn’t so I didn’t get to practice anything. Was not given any written instructions to follow either.
    He called back I told him I couldn’t get into it. He reset it so I could get into it. In stead of guiding me through it to make sure I understood he starts talking about three other product I needed , copy right my website (which I only had the name no site yet) and my Logo (so no one coould steal it),
    the mobile app as to keep up with the internet since many people are using their smart phones to shop, the cost of these three $16,000. Of course I said I didn’t have the money for that my charges were maxed out. He said I could find the money from my savings (which he knew I was using to pay the charges) or get it from my 401K which I refused to do.
    The next day his assistant called me with an offer to charge me $12,300 for all three instead. I told him I still wasn’t going to take out of my 401k or use my charge. His next statement was You are going to fail because you are not spending money on advertizement. He badgered me into saying I would send a check for the $12,300 as I already spent over $40,000 on my charges and if I didn’t do this and failed I would need to go banrupt. I was to send the check the next day and call him when I sent it in the mail.
    I did not send the check or call him by 12:00 noon and he kept calling me on my cell phone, and home phone( I was not answering as I was so upset all day, went into a depression crying so hard I could not stop).
    He even called from his personal cell phone at 8:00 PM. This was on a Friday.
    Monday the account manager called me I answered, told him I was not sending the $12,300 and what his assiant said to me. He said his assiaqnt should not have said that and that he went to his boss and requested they only charge me $9,000 and eat the difference as I was a VIP.
    I told him no I was not going to do it for any amount at this time. He said that they already started the process. I told him not my fault as I did not approve it. And I was not going to do it at this time. He also tried to intimidate me by saying a lot of people liquidate their 401k’s to go into business you have to take a risk to be successful. Again I started to cry as he eknew I was going in for surgery the next day. I told him they were putting a lot of stress on me and I needed to be calm for my surgery and not have this worry on me. He
    asked what my surgery was for and how long I was going to be recoupping. I told him non of his business I would call him. They are nice to you when you buy then show a different side when you refuse, they are unprofessional, they use scare tactics and whatever else they need to do. They nmake it so a person has nothing left to even continue to do there business as the charges are mqxed out and you still need to sign up with merchants which charge a fee too. No merchqnt account no products no business it fails. Then refuse you refunds. PMI. The tax Club and success internet all work with each other
    I wanted you to know how these sales people con me into buying even when I could not afford it.
    They all need to refund me my money and then be put out of buisness.

  17. CRJ March 30, 2011 at 9:28 am #

    PMI gave my number to The Tax Club, this includes the companies of Ikongo, Essential Planning, Vital Payroll, Boodkkeeping services ( all access books), Corporate Credit 2. BBB also list Success Internet but the Tax Club said they are not part of the tax club. These sales people intimidated and frightened me by comments like you need to be in compliance with the IRS, You need these services before your making money so everything will be in place and won’t need to worry about it. Everything is tax deductible, don’t worry about how you will make your charge payment as you will make money to cover it. We help many of PMI students be successful. Well they sold me services I didn’t need before I was making money, they also charged higher prices when they have cheaper prices too. Plus reocurring charges on some of the packages. Which are still showing up on my charges after I called and canceled services.
    By the time they were done with me my charge was maxed out. They scammed me as I never used most of the services as I didn’t need them. They refuse me refunds too.

  18. Jerry E. March 8, 2011 at 10:02 am #

    Complaint against PMI and Small Biz Credit Solutions / Tax Club.

    This is the letter that was just sent to Mr.Graziosi.

    March 7th, 2011

    Mr. Dean Graziosi,

    Originally, wrote to you respectfully requesting a full refund of $ 9745.00 (At that time did not know you where possibly affiliated or for that matter, own Small Biz Credit Solutions / Tax Club)? This is what I have heard, looking into this.

    According, to Mr. Shannon Tolley (Manager at PMI) that letter was turned over by you to him with resolve to these ongoing issues since inception with your Professional Marketing International Company, in turn Mr.Tolley then contacted me.

    In short, Mr. Tolley offered a 6 month guarantee with a new coach. Being the fair man that I’m, would give this a go.

    Mr. Nathan Street (New Mentor / Coach) called and gave me my first assignment, find Buyers.

    He stated that he would not be available for 2 WEEKS (I thought, here we go again, with the same treatment I previously received with other Mentors, passing / wasting time).

    He also made a follow up appointment with me in 2 weeks Thursday March 3rd 11am.

    I did not hear from Mr. Street at 11 o’clock on the 3rd of March, so I called him. Did not answer so I left message. Approximately 45 minutes later he called and said,

    “How’s the business? What can I do for you? He acted as if HE never made an appointment and everything was just fine?

    Once again, the same run around that I had received from day one?

    I was so put out, beyond infuriated, for a split second could not see straight, just could not believe what I was hearing again, told him I cannot go through this again and would you inform Mr.Tolley and have him call me about a refund. Mr. Street later that day,called me back stating that “he walked upstairs and personally gave Mr. Tolley my message” This was on the morning of the 3rd. Did not hear back from Mr. Tolley. Left messages later on in the day on the 3rd and then Friday morning the 4th for Mr. Tolley to please call me.

    As I write, no return from Mr. Tolley. Firsthand experience for 6 months, typical of the Companies in question.

    One thing that was positive at least Mr. Street returned my call unlike ALL the others who did not, month after month.

    We are right back to where I was with PMI 6 months ago, wasting my time, 6 months of my time !

    I paid dearly for services that I have never gotten nor will never get. I no longer trust these people nor the companies and their guarantee. I will not do “so called” business with them. Have gotten nothing but a heavy dose of run around since inception with PMI, Tax Club and Small Biz Credit Solutions.

    Was online this entire weekend reading all the damage on numerous websites that PMI, Tax Club and Small Biz Credit Solutions have done to many, many unsuspecting good people. Ironically, stating identical complaints to my own. (Once again, not sure of your involvement with these Companies have just been informed by many knowledgeable sources that you are connected).

    Enough is enough.

    I do not know you but your Companies that you represent? Once again, questionable (i.e. + Small Biz Credit Solutions / Tax Club. From which I’m also requesting a refund of $ 5495.00, for same). Constantly / consistently demonstrating Less Than Poor Business Etiquette too say the LEAST and that is Unacceptable.

    Have been instructed by Authorities to give a time constraint of 10 (ten) business days for a full refund of $ 9745.00 in the form of a check sent to me (address listed below). If I do not receive full refund, within this time frame, will be forced to move forward and recover my funds through other avenues. At this time do not have enough proof that you own or are an affiliate of these other Companies in question, so I can only respectfully request the refund of the amount paid of $ 9745.00.

    Mr. Graziosi, you are being given the opportunity to do the right thing that includes refunding the $ 9745.00 and the additional $5495.00, if the shoe fits?



  19. Chris January 20, 2011 at 11:19 am #

    My complaint is with Achieve Technologies and The Tax Club.
    I paid $US4,600 to join the Achieve Technologies coaching program. Achieve Technologies promised to help me set up a website and train me properly until I made my money back.
    It also said this in the contract (which has now mysteriously disappeared online) and they refused to give me a copy of the contract. Achieve Technologies failed dismally to keep their promise to give me adequate and quality training and never helped me make even 1 sale. They give a handful of short 30 minute sessions (13 in total) where barely anything of substance is covered and then they dump you and expect you to make sense of everything by reading their crappy webinars and articles, which by the way one can find online for free elsewhere. The website platform they use is amateur and I would be surprised if anyone could succeed with them as they look so unprofessional. They don’t care about the promises they make, so long as they can suck you in and get your money.

    The Tax Club conned me into joining and I parted with over $US2,500 plus paid exorbitant monthly fees for non service and non help. When I tried to get help they just ignored my emails and when I called them to help me set up an account in the US they refused and said they didn’t do that. This was despite tricking me into joining by saying they could set up everything for me and create a US based LLC for me. They did the paperwork and set it up, but refused to do anything after that. They seem to think that if they do a little bit of what they promised it entitles them to keep your money. I want them to be named and shamed and I want them to refund my money in full plus the monthly fees I paid as i got nothing from the membership.

    The third company I have an issue with is Wealth Plaza- also based in Utah. I paid $US449 for their “coaching” and whenever I tried to set up a session they weren’t able to. They must have known that by being difficult I would get frustrated and give up on them. I am guessing that was their intention. Once they get the money they then know that nothing is going to force them to do anything , so they don’t have to budge. This makes me super angry and to add insult to injury they kept charging my credit card for hosting fees for cookie cutter websites that I was never trained to use, long after I advised them to stop doing so. After the 3rd or 4th time of sternly advising them to stop their thievery, they eventually stopped. I think they have a case to answer especially for the unauthorised credit card transactions.
    All in all I want to bring these 3 dodgy companies to justice. They are clever at absolving themselves of guilt, but they need to be exposed for the liars and frauds that they really are. They are exploiting the desire of people to succeed online by tricking them into parting with their money in return for not fully delivering on what they promised in the pre sales talk

  20. MJ December 16, 2010 at 5:46 am #

    My complaint is directed towards being scammed from Profit Systems Online, My Online Development and The Tax Club out of a little more than $18,000.

    It started in mid July 2010 when I was looking for a way to make a little extra income because of the current recession and personal lack of of income. I found a link in MSN.com called New10reports.com that featured an article with a testimony from a single mother in my home town making more than $6000 a month working from home after signing up and “put out just a little money” for the program for only 4 weeks. The “news report” sounded very convincing and made it sound like it was easy and fast and she only spends about 10 to 15 hours a week. So at the end of the story I filled out the form and link at the end and it took me to Profit Systems Online (PSO) home page.

    Initial registration fee is $97 with a promise of a $100 rebate after 365 days. Then it leads to another page that ask for $197 to join the Advance stage. Finally $97 for VIP stage. The male voice over on the website make it sound like the extra fees and steps will help me get started, educated and set up faster and/or more effective online store.

    In this VIP stage I was “qualified” to have a one-on-one coach for 8 weeks which is supposed to help me gain information on internet secrets to generating steady income. This cost $7900 one time cost and $39.95/month for E-library and web builder access. At this point I felt okay and that I was actually getting an education and knowledge I can use in the future.

    By early August 2010, not long after I started the one-on-one coaching which cost about $7,900, I receive a call from some one from California representing My Online Development (Joseph Mastralangelo, I’m mentioning his name, because after he got me in this mess, I tried to call him 3 times for advice and he never returned my calls). So Joe smart talks me into signing up for a package of about $9118 that includes building an e-commerce website, a business logo, a 30 second promotional video, a merchant account and a marketing package. He claimed that the plan was while I’m doing the training with my coaches at Premier Coaching, they will be doing the hard work for me and by the time I competed my training my website would be up and ready.

    The problem with this is that I did not finalize my niche product until the beginning of September and by then I was struggling to pay my credit card bills which rose very high because of all the charges made on them. And by then I already started building my on website so I thought I would be able to cancel my My Online Development website and video account, but I didn’t realize the deadline for cancellation was gone about 2 week before.

    Then I realized I was screwed and started getting stressed out and worried, including a couple emotional break downs, and shame for getting myself into this scam without research and going with my initial hunch that something was wrong.

    Enter The Tax Club, so called tax professionals from NY. This guy, Anthony, calls me and said he was referred to me by my coaching team and said they would offer me tax preparation services, and convinced me that I needed to make my business an S-Corporation to protect my personal assets, which I later found out was crap and I did not need that now. This packages cost $4,795 and he claimed I can get a big refund when I filed my taxes.

    Then they set up phone appointments for me to expect one call per week for the next 4 weeks and said I will be offered other services that are optional. Next thing I know, by the next week I’m being talked into paying $5495 for building business credit and applying for a $25,000 loan to consolidate my business expenses. What really tick me off is that even though I told him I did not have any more credit left to charge for the service, he still went ahead and charge my credit over my credit limit, maxing it out. That was it for me.

    A day later I canceled my Tax Club membership by email and phone call asking them for a refund. It took then almost 2 weeks to give me full refund for business credit and 85% for starting up and S-corp application. I also received their S-corp paperwork in the mail but did not sign any of the papers. Then I took a day off from work to speak to real tax professionals at H&R Block and another independent and a reputable accounting company in my area, asking them if what the people at The Tax Club were telling me is true about being incorporated and the huge cost. They both said no, and one accountant said he even does some services for free and only charge to file taxes and other services.

    So now I’ve dished out more than $18,000 into this so called business and after 5 months I see none of the claims of “making easy money” by “spending only a few hours a day”. I’ve spent many hours a day and received only about $30.00 from one sale made by my cousin trying to support me. And since I’m stuck with the bill from My Online Development that requested several times for a refund but been refused, I had to let them replace the first website I built –selling stand-alone cabinets and shelves– with the one they built for me, selling a new niche product, garden fountains. And the only way I can make money with any website is through marketing, but because I have no more money and little credit left I can’t even pay to effectively market my site.

    Now I can’t use any of my 3 credit cards, in fact I had to close my accounts and I had to sign up with a debt management company in October 2010 that help me negotiate with my credit card companies to agree on lower, manageable monthly payments that will go toward the interest on my balances. This debt management company, MMI, saved my credit score, and saved me from filing for bankruptcy.

    Don’t be naïve like me and not research and pay attention to the fine print about refund policies. There are many people making money with websites online but not the way Profit Systems Online and the Tax Club do the bait and switch, lure you into their programs with empty claims then make you spend to much money in a short space of time, and using techniques that don’t work. And even though they do offer their clients (or victims) some real services, there are many companies out there offering the same services for much less with better deals and policies. They try to make it sound like there programs are the best on the web and even have testimonies from some people who may have been successful but they are not the best and who knows if there testimonies are even real.

    It seems only fair to me that since none of their claims came through for me after following their training sessions I should get a refund. Stay away from these thieves. Just do an online search and see how many complaints their are about PSO and The Tax Club. They do not have your best interest, only to make money for them selves.