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PMI/Dean Graziosi Scam

I sent a check to PMI Education for the real estate coaching program on June 15th 2012, they received the check on June 16th 2012. I did not gain access until June 19th 2012 after I spoke with Nathan Street, one of the coaches with PMI. I was promised access to a national MLS system which I never received. I did get access to a toolbar which has a few calculators on it and site access to flbo.com, zillow.com and such which I already have access to. Their investor pipline is a joke and I can’t access the information on it, which google could provide for me anyways. I spoke with Nathan Street again for 15 minutes on the 26th of June and he sent me a script through email. Again, nothing that google couldn’t provide me with. The course itself is ridiculous and mind numbing. Monotone and dull, it is long and they require you to take a quiz after each “lesson”. Again, nothing that google couldn’t provide for me. The information in the course is what is found in Dean Graziosi’s books as well as any other book on real estate. On July 4th I wrote an email to Rehelp@pmidirect.com, jcaruso@pmidirect.com and info@deanenterprisesllc.com asking for a refund and referring to “profit from real estate right now” page 26, where their student Matt Larson claims that he sent in a check and then asked for a refund wherein PMI told him to try it for another 30 days and if he was still not happy with the academy they will refund him his entire investment…and I received NO RESPONSE. A week later I spoke with Thayne Gooch after spending an hour on the phone being transferred from one customer service to the next and Thayne Gooch told me that only 5% of the people who enroll in the coaching program ever make it through and receive their money back. He told me that he would send me an email with a break down of what they could refund me along with a money back guarantee. I received his email on July 11th 2012 and this is what they offered to refund me for 2 WEEKS:
Investment – $12,740
-30 real estate online lessons and 12 strategy sessions with your coach $3595 with 45% accessed (not true)= refund of $1976-charge of $1617
-Tax lien sessions online lessons $995 with 0% accessed=refund of $995 No charge
-asset protection kit $2995 with 20% restocking fee=refund of $2396 Charge of $599 **this is 2 books and a few cds that is definitely NOT worth what they claim, I wouldn’t pay more than $15 for this
-fsbo home bargains software $695 with 20% restocking fee= refund $556 Charge $139 *** restocking fee? this is spam mail and sends me listings off of craigslist.com, how is there a restocking fee?
-investors pipeline program $1995 with 20% restocking fee =refund $1598 Charge of $399 **this is a program, what restocking fee? Take my name off your mailing list!
-real estate toolbar $395=no refund, can keep **because it’s worthless
-prop trend software $1995 licensed and no refund, can keep ***I don’t even know what this is!???
-shipping $75 **for 2 books and some cds? Really???
-start up costs and commissions $1911**is this why they call me daily? To harass me for more money?
-TOTAL CHARGE OF $7130 AND A REFUND OF $5610! For 2 weeks of this scam. And they are fully aware that I’m a single mom with 3 kids, struggling and trying to better my life!!

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