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Ecommerce Support International, LLC, thecoachingdepartment.com, Supplier Source,LLC scams

I was online looking for a way to post links for Google, when I received a mysterious phone call from Your Ecommerce Support (YES) International, LLC, telling me I could make money from selling items on a website they would provide. They began asking questions about my credit cards and their credit limits, explaining to me that I would be making money from the website to pay off the credit card debt. I stupidly allowed them to charge $5895.00 to my credit card to build me a website, without knowing a thing about the companies. They wanted to know personal things about my situation so that I could give a testimonial to their companies’ services.

I had a “coach” assigned to me and had three weekly “coaching” sessions that didn’t amount to much as far as education was concerned. Those three sessions were the only thing I received from these companies besides a lot of pressure to continue the program and lies. Then I received an unscheduled phone call telling me that there was another fee of $9,300.00 for the website. I was practically hysterical since I couldn’t afford the first charge and it was too late to rescind the first contract. They put me on hold while they called my credit card companies, charging 3-6 sums per card, fishing to see how much credit I had. They maxed out two cards. Another card I had to get renewed, and I was supposed to max that card out when it arrived. They said they would lower the fee to $8,300.00 since I didn’t even have that much credit left for $9,300.00. With both contracts, I was instructed how to sign electronically without being given a chance to read the contracts.

The next day I read the second contract and was still extremely frantic, especially since by now I had a credit card bill due from the first contract with no money to pay it. I called and expressed how upset I was about not knowing about the second fee in the first place. They had lied by omission by not telling me about the second astronomical fee. Brandon Smith said I didn’t have to pay the money from the third credit card until I was satisfied. Since that didn’t help me at all, I decided to do some research on these companies, and I was shocked at what I read. The companies asked for other peoples’ credit card limits, too, plus charged much lower fees than what they were charging me: $2,500.00 for what they charged me $5,895.00, and $1,500.00 for what they charged me $8,300.00. There were complaints about the quality of the websites produced and plenty of dissatisfaction over the suppliers used for the sites. And there were some people worse off than I was, monetarially. I immediately emailed the Coaching Department, on April 26, 2012, rescinding my second contract. Brandon Smith happened to call minutes after my rescission, and all he did was pressure me to continue. They had already charged my cards for the second contract and to this day have not removed the charges although I rescinded within the three days anyone legally has to nullify a contract.

I followed up my email rescission with a letter the next day to the corporate office and, on April 30, 2012, sent by certified mail, a letter representing my good faith attempt at resolving these issues. I said I would pay for the three “coaching” sessions I received and asked for the rest of my money back. I felt this was a generous offer considering the deceit and lies from these companies and the fact that the three sessions was all I did indeed receive from them. Over three weeks have passed, and I’ve had approximately ten phone calls from these companies, all from people supposedly not knowing that I had dropped out and asked for my money back. When Murray Tucker called, he threatened me with one of their recorded phone conversations and laughed when I mentioned getting an arbitrator. When one of my credit card banks called them, I received a phone call to schedule me for an appointment with the department that handles complaints, but they didn’t have an opening for a week.

I hope this report saves someone from falling for these companies’ lies. It’ll be worth it.

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  1. Ruby French December 2, 2014 at 9:02 am #

    I was scammed by this company too. Can anybody help? I have tried the BBB but have not heard anything from them. I am going to have to sell my home to pay my credit cards off for money they stole.

  2. Laura Stern April 27, 2014 at 10:36 am #

    I was taken for even more than you. A total of $25,900.00 there has to be something we can do. This is unjust.